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    like a charm
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      installed and all is fine got no errors but still see no starts
      btw: i have seen them on win2k server but not on linux
      any ideas?
      vbb: 2.0.1


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        Dolemite: Two things - first please edit the code out of your post as it against the license to post it like that. Second you are editing the wrong misc.php file - you need to edit the one in the admin folder, not the main forums folder.


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          sorry i didnt realize i could not post the code

          i apploagize


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            just fyi though tube.... that IS the file from the ADMIN dir.....

            that seems to be the problem...... those 2 files are the same... i think... same size anyhow

            but if i edit the original (from 2.0.1 realease..... it dosnt work)


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              is there any particular order to do the steps? i run the mysql.php , then update the users and stars. no luck, stars don't show. when i add a new user stars, it shows the star pic, so i know the images are in the right place, and i edited all the code correctly (since i copied the edited files from a board where the stars DID work). so i dont know whats up, any suggestions?


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                v0.0.2 > v0.2.0

                The old thread is still open and hence i dl`ed the older version. Someone should delete that.

                Anywayz, im about to upgrade to latest version of stars, one question, in the readme it says not to run mysql.php if you have installed a previous version of stars (v0.0.2 in my case), how then can the modified code on various pages insert or update starimg into the usergroup table when starimg doesn`t exist?


                oh, vB2.0.0 by the way
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                  Originally posted by we78
                  installed and all is fine got no errors but still see no starts

                  vbb: 2.0.1
                  I get the same problem :/ I have installed the hack with no code errors, I have upgraded the database with no errors, I have set the star 'ladder' and have given cetain goups a set amount of stars, the star.gif is loaded in the CP so they are in the right place, I have also updated all the counters.

                  BUT I CANT SEE MY STARS

                  there code is exexcited as i get the extra <br> in the code. but the stars are not shown, any ideas? anyone?!

                  Vb 2.0.1
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                    I had everything replaced and installed correctly .. and the stars would not show in the post under the user's name. It does show in the control panel tho .. so basically I am having the same problem as this other Shadow dude. (we are NOT the same person btw)


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                      ok here is my problem:

                      I changed everything successful but when I try to edit the stars for the user groups I have this error:

                      There seems to have been a slight problem with the database. Please try again by pressing the refresh button in your browser.

                      An E-Mail has been dispatched to our Technical Staff, who you can also contact if the problem persists.

                      We apologise for any inconvenience.

                      This error is shown nearly on everything in the cp


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                        Shadow did you edit the postbit template? if not, then there is no way the stars will show. It worked fine for me the first time I installed it.
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                          upgrading stars

                          ATTN: Tubedogg

                          As per my post above, is there an easy way to upgrade to starsv0.2.0?

                          I have v0.0.2 installed (due to dl`ing from the old thread.)

                          Could I just upload the original *.php files, then delete the databasse entries via phpMyAdmin that refer to starlevel?

                          Help please as whenever i`m in control panel using usergroup.php i get errors. I`ve also had a couple of errors from newthread and newreply, though these dont seem as common.

                          Whats the best way???



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                            did anyone see my post im getting there is a problem with the database, sorry for the inconvenience. when i go to add star levels or modify them


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                              Yes this is what I can't understand, I far as I know I have done everything right, I have deffintly edited the postbit as I get the gap where the star should show, also when I view the soruce

                              PHP Code:
                              <td bgcolor="#DFDFDF" width="175" valign="top" nowrap>
                              a name="post35"></a>
                              a name="newpost"></a>
                              font face="verdana, arial, helvetica" size="2" ><b>The_Gringo</b></font><br>
                              font face="verdana,arial,helvetica" size="1" >Junior Member</font><br><!--Stars should show here!--><br>
                              img src="avatar.php?userid=5&dateline=994983979" border="0" alt=""><p>
                              font face="verdana,arial,helvetica" size="1" >RegisteredJul 2001<br>
                              Location: <br>
                              I even get the extra <br> that the star code produces, (I added the comment to highlight the location)

                              This is really getting me down, as we had them on our UBB and everyone want them on this, which I told them I could do

                              Dont suprose anyone as the files ? (I have no other hacks installed)

                              Plz email them to me here

                              This souldn't effect the lience agreement as I own it anyway

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                                Shadow_Xj5: Did you run Update Counters > Users?

                                Tidus: What is the actual error you are getting? (View the source of the page and it should also be emailed to you).

                                Oliver: Download the file attached to this post, rename it to mysqlupgrade.php and run it from your admin directory. Then do the rest of the instructions - do not run mysql.php.


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