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  • Hey Tubedogg,
    I read through all the posts and I have everything installed correctly as far as not having any errors in code and I have my options in the admin cp, and the lines are added to the functions.php file but I still can't get the stars to show, as of now I only have the stars setup for normal registered users in the amount of posts that they make. Hopefully someone can help me with this. Thanks

    I now have at least the member stars working now but it only works for newly registered members after the hack, even if I update the user titles on the counter, I still can't get the stars to show for the administrator even though it has the space under the user name for the stars, which I'm guessing is from the postbit template, hopefully someone can help me out with this so I can have it working, this mod rocks.

    Another update,
    The stars hack rocks, I found that somehow my admin/misc.php ended up in the root directory and therefor not letting the stars work, so I got that back in place and everything works like a charm, and then I tried the faq and tada figured out that I needed the misc.php file in the root directory so I copied the one from my backup and all is well, good job tubedogg
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    • Functions.php

      At the installer, it says..


      Step 1 of 1 find:

      if ($post['receivepm'] and $enablepms==1) {
      eval("\$post[pmlink] = \"".gettemplate("postbit_sendpm")."\";");
      } else {
      $post[pmlink] = "";

      and Replace with etc,

      I cannot find this code in the Functions.php, i have looked for hours.. word by word! I can't find this code, so I cannot add the code below it for the stars to work

      Please Help..



      • It mess with my users db

        i have installed the stars hack it seems to work bud when there comes a new registration on the board now he gets the msg

        There seems to have been a slight problem with the database. Please try again by pressing the refresh button in your browser.

        An E-Mail has been dispatched to our Technical Staff, who you can also contact if the problem persists

        The problem is that the user CAN login bud i cannot find his name in the users list in cp. so i cannot remove him or edit his account on the board.
        What or where can i remove that user account so that the person re-register him again.



        • Chandler: you will need to upgrade to 2.0.3 to use this hack. Also please enter your license information in your profile. Thanks!

          Blackfire: Please enter your license information in your profile. Thanks!


          • hack is installed i get no error stars in cp works but i dont see any stars in the threads.


            • Chrysalis, please enter your license information in your profile. See the link in my sig for more info. Thanks!


              • this works slick...

                now i just gotta find some good stars


                • Works like a charm. Need green stars now. Got to find them....


                  • A long install, but it works

                    Some host really do SUCK!: <-| YourHostSucks |->

                    FYI: <-| PHP 4.0.6 | MySQL 3.23.39 | Apache 1.3.20 | RedHat Linux 7.1 |->


                    • hey mADmAX`


                      why dont you have copyright info at your board
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                      • Re: Here's an add-on to this hack...Show starlevel on Announcements...

                        The stars appear, but there is still the missing Title underneath $[userprofile]. Anyone knows the code to insert it between $[userprofile] and the star?

                        Originally posted by AJR
                        Hey Tubedog... very nice hack! I installed this a few weeks ago and everything went off without a hitch!

                        Here's something you may want to update in your stars hack distribution...Show stars on announcements page. I'm using v2.0.3 but should work on v2.0.x

                        Open announcement.php (NOT admin/announcement.php)

                        PHP Code:
                          if ($post[receivepm]) {
                        "\$post[pmlink] = \"".gettemplate("postbit_sendpm")."\";");
                          } else {
                        $post[pmlink] = "";
                        Below it add:
                        PHP Code:
                          $sli 0;
                          while (
                        $sli $post[starlevel]) {
                        $post[stars] .= "<img src=\"images/stars/$post[starimg].gif\" border=\"0\">";

                        In announcebit template add $post[stars] where you want the stars to appear.

                        That's it! Now the stars of those who put up announcements will show under their usertitle when viewing the announcement.


                        • Not sure what you are talking about?

                          Stars do not show up in profiles...
                          Do you have a link to what you are talking about?
                          But thier title in the profile is were it says
                          Status: it has their title and avatar.
                          Some host really do SUCK!: <-| YourHostSucks |->

                          FYI: <-| PHP 4.0.6 | MySQL 3.23.39 | Apache 1.3.20 | RedHat Linux 7.1 |->


                          • If you click on any post, you will see the stars and the title. However, for Announcements, there is no Title and Stars. I have implemented the hack by AJR to add the stars, but now need to make it look like the normal post with the Title.


                            • So you want the stars and title to show up in the announcements?

                              I took a different approach to this, and removed all the user details from the announcements..


                              So I would not be able to test how to add the stars/tiles, as I have removed all information..

                              Sounds like a nice feature/edit for people to have,
                              if they want it. Maybe someone else can help you with this..

                              Good Luck!
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                              Some host really do SUCK!: <-| YourHostSucks |->

                              FYI: <-| PHP 4.0.6 | MySQL 3.23.39 | Apache 1.3.20 | RedHat Linux 7.1 |->


                              • Nice implementation. I got the stars working, now I need is the Title under the USerName.
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