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Can subcategories be created?

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  • Can subcategories be created?

    I'm trying out the admin demo. Is it possible for categories to have subcategories? While nothing is preventing me from creating a subcategory, the subcategory does not display on in the forums list.

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    I have setup a six-level deep sub-forum and -category arrangement. If you go to the admin demo and click on "For samtha25" you will see a forum and then a subforum. Click the down arrow on Forum Jump and scroll to the bottom - you will see 6 levels under "For samtha25". Click on the very last one, and then you can follow the breadcrumb trail (the one that goes Abdullah's World > For samtha25 > Forum1 > etc. etc. etc.) up one-by-one and see the different ones I've set up - two or three categories and the rest forums.


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      A little surprising to see For samtha25 on the demo board.

      Sorry to have bothered you. I seem to have had some admins conflict on the demo. Someone had changed the settings on the subcategory I created to inactive. So, of course, I couldn't see it.

      Much appreciate your quick reply.

      BTW, can I keep a the first subcategory under the main category from displaying on the forums home page? IOW, I'd the forum home page to display only the top level categories where that category has no forums in it, but only subcategories.
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        Originally posted by samtha25
        Sorry to have bothered you.
        Oh it didn't bother me at all. Fun, actually.