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Activation code does not work

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  • Activation code does not work

    My users are complaining of getting this message using the activation code. I tried it and pasted the URL in but it doesn't work. It used to work at some time prior...

    "We could not activate your account because this web address is not valid. Make sure that you have the entire address from the email, and that your email client has not split the address over several lines."
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    Can you post an example URL that your users are receiving?


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      Originally posted by tubedogg
      Can you post an example URL that your users are receiving?
      I deleted the account but here is the email I received:

      Dear testtest,

      Thank you for registering for the forums. Before we can activate your account one last step must be taken to complete your registration!

      Please note - you must complete this last step to become a registered member.

      To complete your registration, click on the link below:

      <a href="">AOL Users click Here to be Activated</a>

      **** Does The Above Link Not Work? ****
      If the above link does not work, please use your Web browser to go to:

      Please to be sure not to add extra spaces. You will need to type in your username and activation number on the page that appears when you click on our copy the above link in your browser.

      Your Username is: testtest
      Your Activation ID is: 991500417

      If you are still having problems signing up please contact a member of our support staff at

      Thanks very much, team
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        I tried registering and received that same error message. I then clicked on the "Activation" link and filled in the info manually and it worked.

        I'm not sure what to tell you - that link appears to be correct.


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          I don't know what to say either as that only happens if the activation id is incorrect. And looking at the code it's impossible for the incorrect one to be sent in the email.

          So I would revert your phpinclude template at the least.


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            Thanks guys... I don't know what the heck is going on but all of a sudden I'm getting errors -- and I haven't changed anything! Is there I way that I can just dump the boards and user data without the templates and then start clean? I'm not sure what reinstalling might do.... bummer. Here's the latest that is more along the lines of the other thread... This one I think is something I edited in vbportal but nothing changed whatsoever and it was working great for weeks. This is completely bizarre...

            Database error in vBulletin: Invalid SQL: SELECT startdate,enddate,title,pagetext
            FROM announcement
            WHERE startdate<=991522859 AND enddate>=991522859
            AND forumid=
            ORDER BY startdate DESC
            LIMIT 1
            mysql error: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'ORDER BY startdate DESC
            LIMIT 1' at line 5 mysql error number: 1064
            Date: Saturday 02nd of June 2001 06:00:59 PM
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              Problem Solved

              Kevin, Ed - thanks problem solved. The problem was one of the hacks installed used the same variable for a counter. This caused the activation code not to work but logging in separately and entering the code works perfectly. Your analysis helped me locate the problem.

              Many thanks... now to figure out those database errors...
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