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Ok now what??? Deleted forum and now the board is dead.

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  • Ok now what??? Deleted forum and now the board is dead.

    Just what the title says. I deleted a forum which hasn't been used for several months. The forum was set not to be displayed. I hit remove in the control panel, it took a LONG time and then I got a page cannot be displayed error.

    Now I cannot get into the message board at all. I can get into the CP. I tried updating forum info and thread info. Forum info worked, it stopped during the middle of trying to update thread info.

    I tried to run repair.php, but it stalls before finishing.


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    More info.

    When I run phpmyadmin the page that should display on the right with the database info does not appear. The links on the right are their and I can click on them and bring up info, but the screen you get after you click on the database name is gone.

    All this becuase I deleted one forum??


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      Yet more info...

      I went down the list of links to the tables in phpmyadmin. Forumpermissions is dead, that is the only table that will not come up...

      Now what??


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        Kill mysql, run myisamchk, restart mysql. See what happens


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          Ok, thanks

          Why did the thing crash in the first place? All I did was delete a forum. Bug?


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            An application that simply accesses MySQL through it's SQL API can't corrupt a table. Anything that causes data corruption has to be a MySQL issue.

            So no, it can't be a vB bug.


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              Are you saying that deleting the forum had no bearing on the site going down? Or are you saying that deleting the forum caused an error in mysql?

              It must have been one or the other.


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                Run the file at the link below, it has all the system info. Please let me know if you see anything wrong with the configuration.
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                  I'm saying that vB simply executed queries through MySQL's SQL API -- it in no way tried to modify the database files itself (which could easily cause corruption).

                  Therefore, if the corruption was caused during execution of one of the queries, vB only initiated the query -- it is MySQL's job to validate it and then execute it properly, which includes maintaining data integrity. (Assuming the corruption happened from the query) MySQL appears to have failed to do that latter, which would indicate a MySQL issue. Hence it's not something we can fix. We can only tell you how to tell MySQL to fix it (myisamchk).

                  I know data corruption is the reason some people have left MySQL.


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                    I sent your replies to my servers admin. Here is his reply:

                    Which is all 100% correct. I think though that the new version of vB is
                    simply increasing the push/load on the MySQL server... vB was originally a
                    fairly server friendly piece of software. But, it has grown to include so
                    many features that it is now becoming a resource hog, similar to UBB. It's
                    programming supercedes that of UBB, but it's resource usage is nearing that
                    of UBB - the only difference is what resources are being used.

                    I think with the increase in features it also increased the load on the
                    mysql server. And the big problem is with the search options - vb has
                    improved the search options but by doing so, they have made them very
                    unfriendly to the server.

                    "As I stated in the email just before this one, we aren't running a beta
                    version of mysql. We are running the latest stable version which is 3.23.38.

                    And with your site being *so* popular, it is working the mysql server. Did
                    you know that your site consumes an average of 60 concurrent open mysql
                    connections? It's peaked at 113 at one time. Sites on our normal shared
                    servers are suspended with anything over 30 as it's considered resource
                    abuse. If a site is using more than that, it's time for a dedicated server
                    or high-end solution, which is what you are currently using."

                    So here we have vB blaming mysql, the server blaming vB and I'm sure if I asked formysql support I would hear them blame vB or the server.


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                      I can't answer you're main question, but here is a tip, to decrease the load caused by searches:

                      - reduce the indexed words by setting the length from 3-12 to 4-10 letters
                      - disallow "search all forums" by removing that option in "searchintro"-template

                      I had a look at your board and I would say with 5000 members and nearly 140k posts it is time for a dedicated server.

                      just my 5 cent.

                      There is no spoon!!!


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