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    I have my board setup with all forums, no categories. How do I display all the threads in a forum when a forum title is clicked on?

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    display all threads

    This is a supplement to my first post. The problem that I am having is that the posts do not show when I click on the forum titles when I am logged onto the board. When I log out, and click on the same title, all the posts show. How can I view all of the posts whether I am logged in or not? I hope I explained this right.


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      Make sure all user groups:

      Can View Board
      Can View Other's Threads
      Can View Own Threads.
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        display all threads

        would this be under "user groups and permissions"? If so, those setting are already there. If not, where would I find these settings.


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          It's under there and also in the "modify forums" part of usergroups and permissions.

          Go into your options (user cp->modify options) and check what this option is: "Default Thread View" You might wanna change it to forum default or to "show all threads"


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            display all threads

            None of these are working. It seems to be only the admin (me) that is having this problem. I checked with one of the forum members and everything is working fine for them. When I log out it works fine for me.