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Adding a message to Login Screen

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  • Adding a message to Login Screen

    I desperately need to add a message to the three login messages presented when someone logs in and is denied access (I need to add a message that says the forum is currently locked down to one member class only to prevent an on-slaught of e-mails when I have to do it.).

    I cannot find documentation of where/how to do this and can't find it in the code (.php) anywhere. I assume this information is in the template table maybe?

    I have a background in UBB but this VBB stuff is totally new to me. Where can I goto lear/read more? I don't know anything really about MySQL or PHP (or even what it does really). I do know MS SQL if that helps. I am not a FT web developer.

    This board is so different from UBB that I fear the learning curve is going to be much steeper than I had first imagined.

    Is there an easy series of steps someone would be kind enough to document for me to head me in the right direction? I just need a push. I really don't even know where to start.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance any of you might be willing to provide.

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    You can edit your templates via the CP.

    I believe the template you should be looking for is error_nopermission ("you aren't logged in or don't have permission"). Not sure what 3 messages you are talking about though.


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      Thanks Ed. That was the right area. There's a WEALTH of things available in those templates. I'd never even expanded them before (thought default was just that ONE! LOL).

      Where can I go to learn more about the layout of VBB and how it all ties together or is it basically a hack-at-it type thing?

      Thanks again. You definately solved my semi-emergency.


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        See the manual and the template reference (latter is in the members' area).


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          Thank you so much Ed. Great product. we are very happy with our new choice.

          Headed to the members-only access area to get the templates' reference material now.