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  • How do I?

    First I would like to thank those that give answers so fast you are a great bunch of people here at this board!!

    Now to my problem, On my dboard I don't have the little buttons like the ones at the top of this one (user cp, register, calendar, members... etc) And I also don't know how to put more links to pages in like at the bottom of this one.. (Home, Features, Download, purchase.... etc).. I am wondering if I messed something up on the install? I don't have the fogiest clue how to use the templates and can't find a page that explains them well (is there one??)

    Thanks for any instructions and advice!!


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    What version are you running and what's the URL to your board?
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      2.0.0 the new released one..


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        looks like you're running RC1. I would download the latest version (final release / gold / whatever) from the member's area. The top nav buttons are present in the default templates in vB. I would revert the header template and the forumhome template.


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          The template reference is available as a PDF file in the Member's Area as well. Look under support/reference.
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            Jake, he's not - I checked his memberlist, which changed in the final, and he's definitely running Final.

            Cashpath, run this query via phpMyAdmin or Telnet:

            UPDATE setting SET value='2.0.0' WHERE varname='templateversion'

            then go into your Admin CP > Options, and go to the bottom of the page and hit Submit (you don't need to change anything). That should fix it so your version is correct.


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              i'm curious... what would cause the version number not to be updated during an upgrade?


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                The version number update is the final step in all the upgrade scripts... it would only not be updated if that step was skipped or otherwise missed out.


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                  thanks for the help guys
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