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  • SpellChecker Code Bug

    I found an interesting little bug tonight....not necessarily a bug in vBulletin code....depending on how you look at it.

    I got a report from a member using Netscape 4.7 that she was unable to send a Private Message to another member and would get a file not found page. I tried sending a PM to someone from Netscape 4.7 and found the same problem. PMs work fine in IE though.

    Here's where the problem comes in. I was running a .js file which was a navigation file at the top of my forums. I did away with that file and use simple links for navigation now. In Netscat, when you click on a PM link to send a PM to a member, the file it was looking for was the overlib.js file....which didn't make any sense to me. I scanned the priv_sendprivmsg template for the overlib.js reference which shouldn't have been in there anyway since it was only inserted in the header and of course, it wasn't found. However, remaining spellchecker.js code was there at the very top. I noticed that when I clicked the back button in Netscape from the file not found page, the words spellchecker.js would quickly flash in the nav bar and disappear. Netscat wouldn't go back a page. I deleted the remaining spellchecker.js code at the top of the priv_sendprivmsg template and everything is working fine now.

    The developers may want to delete this code from all remaining templates for the next release assuming that spellchecker is definitely not going to be used in the future.

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    I have seen this also. There had been some people complaining about it over at

    I havent tested it on my forums yet.


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