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some members exempt from rules?

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  • some members exempt from rules?

    I've occasionally had members that seem to be exempt from the limits set on the forum.

    For example, we have a limit if 5 images. However, I had a member that was making mosaics from the smilies, including 300 to 400 of them. No one else could do it, but he could. His usergroup was the same registered group as everyone else.

    We have a limit of 50x50 and 5k on avatars. There is a member today that posted an avatar which was 3 times that.

    Our members do not have the ability to close their own threads. However, we have a few that are still able to do so.

    We do not have any custom usergroups. All of the members above are in the normal registered group.

    We are running Gold on this forum. This problem has been going on for some time, though.

    Any clues?

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    No one is exempt from the max image check (there literally isn't a permission check), so I don't see how that is possible (unless you edited the <img> tags generated).

    There is a possibility that avatar image dimension checking fails because the getimagesize() function appears to be broken on RH7. Although the filesize check is just done by a call to filesize() which internally calls stat(), and I doubt that's broken.

    In the case of closed threads, you can check to see who closed the thread by clicking on "edit thread" in the admin options.

    Have you edited anything in your phpinclude template?


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      No, we haven't touched that one.


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        It's maybe a bug......