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  • Buttons When Posting and Typing

    Not sure if this is a bug or a suggestiong. Well the Quick bar buttons on the top of posting. Well when people type really quickly. They want to get things done fast. So they type and they type and they forget to put a smilie or turn something bold and such. So they move they're cursor to there they need it and click. Then click on what they need, usually a smilie. But then it ends up at the end of the sentence. Instead of where they want it...Example:

    type type (forgot here a smilie) type type type type.

    But when you go back and try to add a smilie the smilie ends up at the end of where you finished typing instead of in the middle of the sentence.

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    It's because of the way JavaScript works and there's currently no way around it.


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      rofl. That's exactly whot I thought a few moments ago. I was typing, typing, typing. And DANG, I forgot a smilie. I'm a stubborn bastard, so I went on typing, typing typing, and didn't stop typing till just now. And now I forgot where I forgot to insert the smilie. Oh dear. Is there a way around this?


      Too bad Javascript just doesn't act like a 'Placewherepeopleforgottheirsmiliebecausetheyweretypingwaytoofast-locator'. Someone at Microsoft should alter Javascript some more, they're used to altering stuff

      Was this a useful post mommy? No? Ah. Okay.