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Bug: User Awaiting Confirmation

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  • Bug: User Awaiting Confirmation

    I'm posting this as a bug, because IMHO, there is absolutely no reason for this to occur.

    A member that joined my forums back in January and who has posted before, came back to my Forums today for a visit. The last time he was in my Forums was April 7th.

    This morning, I went into the "Users Awaiting Confirmation" in the Admin CP and found only one user there who had just joined. I just went back in there and found that same user as well as the gentleman that joined back in January. He is presently in my forums. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason for him to have been listed as a User Awaiting Confirmation, especially since he registered almost 6 months ago and has posted in my forums before.

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    Maybe he changed the email address is his profile?


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      I've changed my own email address in my profile and it didn't cause me any problems so I don't think that's it.


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        I had that happen so many times till I had to just disable email verification. New members were rarely getting an email. v2 seems better at that but last night one hadn't received the email in several hours so I disabled it again. It isn't worth having it to lose members.

        Could possibly be server related though but I'm not surre.
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          Originally posted by RobAC
          I've changed my own email address in my profile and it didn't cause me any problems so I don't think that's it.
          It only happens to people in usergroupid = 2 (registered users), so it won't happen to you.


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            Can you explain further? Why does this happen? How can it be fixed?


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              If someone registers, then changes his/her email in their profile, it will move the user back into the "Users Awating Confirmation" group and send them another email for validation.


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                It isn't broken, so it can't be fixed. It is supposed to put them in "User's Awaiting Email Confirmation" when they change their emails. This is because you have "Verify Email Addresses" turned on.

                This is not just for new users but for all registered users.

                The only way to stop this behavior is to turn of the verification process in the control panel.

                [tubedogg's edit - added "not" in second paragraph ]
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                  Ok, cool. That makes sense to me then. Thanks Wayne.


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                    Actually, I just received the following email from another member and it appears this feature is not working properly:

                    I changed my email address back to [email protected] last night on my edit profile page,, but never received an acknowledgment through email, that I was to resend into the CAC and now I can't log in to the CAC.. I changed my address back to XXXXXXXXXXXX because now my other email account isn't working and this one is working.

                    Sorry to be causing a problem.


                    As a result, I'm turning email verification off until I can verify that it's functioning properly.


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