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importing ubb 6.04e

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    clearchanel: try running this query the same way you did before:

    UPDATE thread SET lastpost=dateline;

    If that still doesn't help try this instead:

    UPDATE thread SET lastpost='987598920', dateline='987598920';

    The second one will not fix the problem per se, it might make them show up but they will have the wrong date/time. If they do show up after running the second query then restore your old database and hopefully we can fix the import script so that it inserts the date/time correctly for you.

    But make sure to have a database backup first.


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      OK. I tried the first command and received the following message:

      mysql> UPDATE thread SET lastpost=dateline;
      Query OK, 652 rows affected (0.03 sec)
      Rows matched: 734 Changed: 652 Warnings: 0

      And it had no effect.

      I tried the second command and received the following message:

      mysql> UPDATE thread SET lastpost='987598920'
      Query OK, 734 rows affected (0.03 sec)
      Rows matched: 734 Changed: 734 Warnings: 0

      And still no effect???


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        While doing a fresh install and upgrade I receive the following error message while importing threads
        Locating forum_1.threads file .... not found. No threads to import.
        I receive the same error message for each of the 39 forums I have.

        I confirmed the forum_xx.file is in every forum directory before I start the import. I then check after receiveing the error message and the forum_xx.threads file is now gone. What could be deleting it?

        At the upper right of the main screen it shows I have no topics or posts?

        Any suggestions?

        Thanks in advance


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          I finally got it to work. I did three things, not sure which was the key, but I have all the forums and messages imported.

          thanks for all the help.


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            What do you think fixed it - I am having similar problems?


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              For Private Messages, I was having a problem with all of them...what I did was went into pm_topics directory I believe and capitalized all the folders in alphabetical order.

              Hope this helps...



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