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vbcode doesn't work without closing tag

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  • vbcode doesn't work without closing tag

    There seems to no longer be a way to have vbcodes without closing tags. I had a few vbcodes to create spacers and other replacement text that don't logically require closing tags and those no longer work unless I add a closing tag. Is there any way around this problem or do I need to replace all the data on the forum which uses these and give up on having simple vbcode replacements?

    The site I'm having this problem on is
    I just upgraded to 2.0 and this worked previously with 1.1.6.

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    This is by design to ease creation of bbcode and add much more power than was possible before.

    If you need a special one part bbcode, you will need to hack it in. Or you can just tell your users to use   instead: "              "


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