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    Okay now our board has been fecked for a while, since 2.0 beta 2 we've had problems with the styles, basically they don't work anyway when we upgraded to beta 3 we had the same problem, now 2.0 Gold is out we thought we'd try a fresh install, that didn't work, then we tried a upgrade but that didn't work anyway to cut a long story short we have decided to re-start from scratch due to the problems we've had, we want to know is there anyway to save our members accounts and posts? because we've spent months building them up and to lose them all would be a big blow

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    what kind of style problems?


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      All looks ok here:

      hmmmm not so good

      Even worse:

      As for the styles. I will change something. For example, if I change the backround colour from blue to black, it will appear black on the 'edit style' in admin but will not appear on the board. I cannot change the table width etc etc


      Looks very different to RC3, I am guessing there is a fault?


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        Well some good news is that I added a new style, which seems to work fine (well I resized the table ok )

        Anyway we still have the problem as in the above links, very deranged layout. Also isn't the 'VB software version beta 3' at the bottom supposed to change to 2.0 automatically? My CP looks very different, white backround again and weird font colour/sizes.

        We are desparate to get our 2.0 like everyone elses without losing members/posts.

        Thanks for the help


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          you upgraded to 2.0.0 final version but the version number didn't change at the bottom? hrmmm...

          The only thing that comes to mind regarding your visual problems is templates. Try reverting your templates back to their defaults and then "re-customize" your templates using the defaults as a starting point. Functionality changed in certain templates during the vB 2.0 beta phase. By not reverting back to the defaults after an upgrade you may encounter "issues". Every time I upgrade my forums I open up my current custom templates and copy and paste them to a text doc that I leave running the background. Then I revert the template and re-customize it using my old one as a reference. This has worked great for me. Of course, this can be time consuming if you have lots of custom templates.


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            hmm might have helped if I had opened the board so that the links would have been useful!

            Opened them now.

            . Try reverting your templates back

            Sounds really stupid but I dont know how?! I havent worked with the templates before....