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  • RC3 to Gold WOES

    I bought vBulletin and started with RC3 fresh off, no upgrade, just a fresh install of RC3.

    I have done extensive customization and replacement of the images in the images folders under RC3.

    Now, I am upgrading to the shipping version and I see a potential problem.

    All of my images will get overwritten! Is there an ombudsman with what actually changed in terms of images?

    I should be okay on the PHP since I didn't change any of that - right? Has the config.php file changed? Can I use my old config file?

    What do I do about new templates? Will my templates get overwritten?

    If they are overwritten what is the procedure for restoring the appearance? Should I resign myself to having to re-do some of my template designs again based on the template changes?

    Sorry if this is answered already - I read the upgrade instructions and the answers to these questions weren't clear to me.

    As an aside - anyone know whether or not I need an actual mail server in order to get Email from the PHP scripts under IIS to work? I have SMTP services, but no Exchange or other mail server.

    Do I need a mail server to send mail (i.e. new user registration email confirmations)? Or can it just work by sending mail directly? In any event, I can't get it to work.

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    1. If you don't want to get your images overwritten, just don't upload the new ones. Offhand, I'm not sure what images are new to 2.0.0 vs RC3. Kier probably has a better idea.

    2. The config.php file has not changed. We would've told if it had.

    3. Your templates will not get overwritten. If you haven't changed a template, the new version will be used. If you have changed a template, it will continue using your version and you will have to make the changes manually.

    4. The easiest way to get the most upto date templates is to revert the template to the original version and redo your customizations.

    5. All you really need is SMTP but I've seen some issues in SMTP servers. SMTP can be configured in your php.ini file.


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      The new images between RC3 and Gold are: