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  • The Lost threads MIA

    My VB is having a serious issue with loosing threads.

    1. Threads are posted and show up when you click on View new posts.

    2. When you go directly to the forum in wich the thread was posted under...the thread does not show up.

    3. Also over time (say like 10-20 minutes) if the thread moves off of the View new posts is virtuall lost somewhere in the data base.

    Q: What is happening here. I though my members were kidding, but I have been a victum of this to.

    I am running VBc2 and under Maintenance in the cp, I have
    Update counters... of both Forums and Threads.

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    I replied on your boards at and it shows an error under the original post of Forum Error
    Error Code: 1
    ERROR: Could not connect to the forums database.
    Is this something new after an upgrade? I can't see what version you are running as there is no copyright notice or version number.

    Psst... you are not supposed to remove that from the bottom. (at least the copyright part)
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      [email protected]

      That is not my VB......LOL

      Its located here guy:

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        Pretty big difference when one looks at the correct board ? Why do you have the other site as website in you profile and list as webmaster?
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          Originally posted by dunefreak
          I replied on your boards at
          That's also not a vB


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            Originally posted by tubedogg

            That's also not a vB

            And I was just thinking how much work went into it to customize it so much!

            It was worth the visit to look at the 'Today's Diva' pic though
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              it's possible that you have some table corruption.

              try teneting in, going to your database and running:

              myisamchk thread.MYI

              if it shows as corrupt, run:

              myisamchk -r thread.MYI

              and it *should* fix you right up


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                Thanks martin, but I do not know how to do what you just said...
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                  I called my hosts support (OLM) and they are running MySQL 3.22.25..

                  I see that this command only works with MySQL 3.23.32

                  Q: is there a way to fix the tables on version 3.22.25..??
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                    You use isamchk instead of myisamchk, but that's the only difference.


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                      Cool, but....

                      when i did that nothing happened the promt just came back and looked at me as if to say "What do you want???"

                      I got no indictaion that isamchk worked at all

                      Anyother ideas? Remember i'm running running MySQL 3.22.25..

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                        Webmaster: - My VB is