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    Hello everybody...

    First question:

    I set my forum so that users need my approval to become members.

    Everyday I end up with 40-50 requests so I have all these users in the USERS AWATING MODERATION group.

    Of all these users, I tipically accetp 3-4 of them.

    To accept these 3-4 users, I go to CP -> LIST USERS WAITING FOR MODERATION and by default all the users have the VALIDATE checkbox set to YES, so I have to set all users to NO except for the users that I want to accept.

    This is a little bit tedious, is there a way to change the default setting to NO? So I can simply set YES to the few users I want to validate.

    Second question:

    At the end of the day, I would like to empty the USERS AWAITING MODERATION group. I noticed that I can only delete the users one-by-one. And this is really tedious, is there a way to accomplish that task more quickly?

    Third question:

    By default, MEMBERS have some options enabled. Is it possible to change the DEFAULT configuration settings for a user profile? In particular many users that become members don't check very well their settings and by default they have the NOTIFY THREAD option enabled. So they send me a mail because they don't want VB to send them mail, and everytime I must tell them to set that option to OFF.

    Fourth question:

    I use the EMAIL USERS feature of the CP very often (great feature), is it possible to select more tha ONE usergroup as the recipient of the email?

    Thank you for the help and keep up the great job!

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    1. You would have to modify the code to acheive this.

    2. You can do a delete of that usergroup's members using a query from PHPMyAdmin or the MySQL client.

    3. This has been discussed many times. Edit your registration templates to make the default values you want checked.

    4. No.. Not at this time.
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