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  • Style/Replacement/Template Set Override

    I posted a variation of this question earlier…but at the time didn't fully understand what I was doing. Now that I (somewhat) know what's going on, I'm going to try explaining the problem in a new post because I think I can articulate it more accurately…if not more succinctly.

    When I set up vB2, I created an entirely new Style/Replacement/Template set in addition to 'Default'. For my purposes here, I'll say that I named the new set 'Red Text', because it consists of red text on a black background, which matches the rest of my Website.

    Both style sets are user selectable. If I log in as a regular user and select the 'Red Text' style set, everything appears exactly as it is supposed to. But if I select the 'Default' style set, everything appears vBulletin's default colors and styles EXCEPT the group and forum and thread pages--which are using the red text and black background…as well as the header & footer templates specified in 'Red Text'. In other words, the ‘Red Text’ Style/Replacement/Template set is overriding the ‘Default’ Style/Replacement/Template set on the forum pages, and I never touched or made any changes to the ‘Default’ set. (However, the ‘Default’ User CP, Register, Calendar, F.A.Q., Search and Home pages are still using the normal vBulletin font/color/footer/header/etc. settings.)

    If I create a new Style/Replacement/Template set, the exact same will happen again. No matter what font, color, header or tag changes I make in any of the fields, the 'Red Text' Style Set ALWAYS controls the appearance of the groups and forums in the new style set I create.

    And I definitely have each Replacement and Template set under its correct, corresponding Style Set. (Someone brought up that point with me earlier.)

    Plus, if I go into Body Tag in the 'Red Text' Style Set and change the text color from, say, red to green...
    <body text="red"> to <body text="green">
    ...Then the text will be changed to green in the forums in the ‘Red Text’ Style Set AND the ‘Default’ Style Set AND in any other style sets I've created....even though the body text tags for each of the other sets are still set on their original colors.

    At this point, I've spent many hours tinkering with the settings in the style sets I've created since 'Red Text', but 'Red Text' keeps overriding the new style sets (as well as the Default style set) on the group/forum/thread pages.

    Someone else said for me to try clearing out the color definitions in the Large, Main, Small and Highlighted font settings. I've done that in all the style sets, but it didn't work.

    So, bottom line: Why would the Body Tag & Header & Footer of one Style/Replacement/Template set always override those of any other Style/Replacement/Template that exists—and do so ONLY on the group/forum/thread pages? And how do I fix this?

    Many thanks,
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