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  • Change message text in Style Set?

    I have a site with red text and black background, and have set up vBulletin to match. However, I know that some people reading many messages would prefer white text rather than red.

    I've created a new style set that's the same as the black/red one I have defaulted and am now trying to set it so that the text of each message is white rather than red. I'm don't care about the text color of the other sections.

    However, I am only able to change the text in the home page and calendar pages. I'm trying everything I can think of and cannot get anything on the forum pages to change. I've set 'Body Text' to white under Page Layout and have gone through all the color text boxes under 'Main Colors', 'Calendar Colors', 'Large Font', 'Main Font' 'Small Font' & 'Highlighted Font'. I've also messed with the Head Insert and Header settings. But no luck. I guess I'm just missing it. I hope.

    Like I said, I only want different colors for the message text in each style set. What do I do?

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    If you just want it for message text and message text only, you'll have to do some template editing to add a new class/replacement variable.

    If reflecting the change all over is ok, remove any color definitions from the normal, small, and large fonts and specify a text color in the <body> tag.


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      I have been trying for the past one-and-a-half hours to do this, and for some reason it's not working. I have a 'Default' style set, which is set with vBulletin's default colors. I have a 'Red Text' style set, which is set with a black background & red text. And a 'White Text' style set, which is a black background & white text. NONE of the three style sets have either a Replacement Set or a Template Set. All that is blank. I've left the 'Large', 'Main' & 'Small' font set color definitions blank in all three style sets as instructed. But if I change the 'Red' Style Set font to 'red' in the BODY TEXT="RED" tag in the Body Tag field and set Page Text Color, Catergory Strip Font Color, Table Heading Text Color, Time Color, Calendar Date Font Color, Birthday Font Color, Public Event Font Color all to red, it works, but then all those same fields also get set to 'red' in the 'White Text' and 'Default' Style Sets. And if I set all those same font color fields to 'white' in the 'White Text' Style Set, then all those same field also get set to 'white' in the 'Red Text' and 'Default' Style Sets.

      In other words, every time I set a font color in a certain Style Set I've created, it automatically carries over to the other two style sets, which seems to defeat the whole purpose of style sets.

      What am I doing wrong?



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        I'm not sure I completely understood what you're saying but try checking the Replacement and Template Sets that you have each Style set using. In otherwords, when you make a change to a Style, you are actually making a change to the Replacement and Template sets that you have that Style set to. If you have more than one Style using the same Replacement and Template sets, this could be your problem.
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          Ok. I didn't realize the Styles were integrated with the individual templates. That helps me understand what's going on now. Sorry for the confusing posts. Thanks.


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