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both my problems rolled into one thread

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  • both my problems rolled into one thread

    i'm trying to help users on the board i hang out at and a couple users can't see their signature although all the settings are correct and they have signatures in their profiles. i've asked them questions to try and make sure of that, but i can't actually check because i don't have admin privelages (spelling?).

    now i have a user saying that she gets emails saying there's been replies to her thread when there's actually been none.

    is there some sort of training course on how to handle user's problems? hehe.

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    Under User CP -> Edit Options -> Thread View Options you can define whether or not you want to see users signatures in their posts. If this is turned off then the user will not see anyones sigs even if they have one.

    For the e-mail notification issue: are the threads in question threads with polls? If the thread has a poll and the admin has polls set to update the last post time of the thread then the user may receive an e-mail when some one votes, not just replies.


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      The Admin does not have sigs turned off...certain people's sigs work, others don't. Those that can't get theirs to work can still see other's sigs, and the people having the problems do not have a sig that is viewable to anyone else (meaning it is somehow not saving it for certain people).


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        i've asked both of the users to make sure the setting is set so that they can view signatures. both say they've made sure the setting is on. tubedogg's right, i've actually asked him for guidance before

        and no, the threads do not always contain polls.