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  • How do I..................

    ...have a thread that I only want replies posted to, but do not wish to allow new threads to be created, what would I do.

    Note: I did install wlukes, newreply.php hack. This is being done for news so I only want replies to the post.

    Thank You,

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    In the "modify forums" section of the usergroups area you can take away permissions to post new threads from specific usergroups.


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      Ok, I think I found it.

      Thank You Ed,
      and nice work on RC3.

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        Hi Ed,

        Ok, I went through it and I see what you are saying. However, I am not wanting to take away posting privs from them but for certain threads. I have a "news" forum that is protected by means of having to have authorization before it is posted to the web. That will work for the forum I think. But inside that forum where the news threads are, it is allowable to not only post a reply to the individual threads, but start a new thread. I would like just the post reply to certain named threads. Not to be able to start a new thread within a news posting.

        I know I'm going in circles, forgive me, I just don't understand what I'm looking for yet.

        Thank You,
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          Uhh... you kinda lost me I think, but you'll have to hack that in then.


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            Ok, I figured out what I am trying to do.

            Forum A:
            Only administrators can post a NEW THREAD to this forum.

            Forum A threads: threads within forum
            Only administrators can post a new thread within these
            threads, but all can post replies.

            Maybe this makes more sense.

            Thank You,

            PS. What would be really nice, is when you create a forum to have the options within each forum.

            Who can post new threads in this forum?
            1) Admin
            2) registered
            3)......and so on.
            4) All

            Would you like to only allow replies to this forum? (no new threads)

            1) Yes
            2) No

            Just an idea.
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              That's what my first post told you to do

              User Groups and Permissions -> modify forums -> find the forum -> click "edit" next to the group you want to change permissions for -> set permissions to what you want.

              Repeat for each group as desired.


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                Ok, I'll look again and follow your instructions.


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                  Forgive me. I didn't understand what these functions were. Looks like this will do more than I even asked.

                  You can burn this thread now.

                  Thanks Again Ed,


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