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    Most time such errors are caused by using different script which call the same functions!
    First of all look what scripts you have installed and then look for twice called functions!
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      do u mean

      what hacks i have installed?


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        ahh got it

        was the index file


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          Originally posted by Eternal_Dragon
          can anyone help??please

          any demo ?


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            You can see a demo at The Knowledge Emporium Forums!
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            The Knowledge Emporium Forums

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              Any done this ?

              Originally posted by Sarge
              i dont like how all the names are undereachother.

              I had 12 people on the other day and that table was huge.

              It would look more sweet if the names were next to eachother and wrapped.

              Also if the login boxes were next to eachother also
              I love this hack. We're in the middle of putting it on our new forum. I was just wondering, is there a simple way of making the usernames list after each other and wrap, or has anyone done this. It would be a massive help.

              Cheers, Matt
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                Can someone pls give instructions on how to add the msn centre on vbportal. I have seen this done but dont know how to go about doing it.

                thank you


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                  do you think that it is possible to include the "add buddy" feature to this hack?

                  just like when you get a email to your hotmail account, from let's say someone you don't know but who has Microsoft Passport. if you notice in viewing the email, it has a, "Add [email protected],com to your Contact List." by their name. I would think thank you would be able to grab that code as well somehow, and manipulate it so it could be place in the actual posts by your members, kinda like "Add to ICQ" etc...

                  You think you know how to do this? I believe in you!

                  by the way.. thanks for this excellent hack!



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                    hmmmm maybe we can emulate the yahoo etc...


                    Good job. Unfortunately I am not a programmer worth talking
                    about, but is it not possible to do the same as the others, indicating the status with MSN messenger per user per post?

                    This is not in any way a hint to change the code or develop a new hack. Just some ideas on how it could be done.

                    I have no idea as to the performance implecations of it all and any other aspects. As I said, I'm not a programmer.

                    If anyone does want to develop such a thing or Christian would
                    like to integrate it, I would be as happy as a pig in s**t


                    you already have the MSN Messenger center...
                    here you know if your buddies are online.
                    So it looks as if we have all the data we need.. this data I think can then be used for the whole thread (all posts in thread)

                    so some things to think about:
                    • make a new user custom field eg: 'MSN access id'
                    • some coding required
                      - if the 'MSN access id' is in the 'MSN Messenger center' then show the icon that represents the user (you have it already)
                      - else don't show a thing.
                    • it should work integrated with the way it is currently done I think... $post[msnbit] ..

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                      OK Chris how do we get a online/offline status button to work for hotmail as icq,aol,and yahoo,

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                        no ones replied to my post


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                          Cyrus, ever hear of SEARCH



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                            Adding MSN to register/modifyoptions/memberlist

                            Originally posted by Christian
                            You can add the varaible $messageceneter wherever you like
                            Hi Christian,

                            very nice hack!

                            Before I consider to integrate it, I want to add an "MSN Messenger Name" - field to the a.m. templates, as it is done with ICQ/AIM/Yahoo Messenger.
                            If enough users on my board use MSN i.e. do enter their info I would really love to integrate it.

                            So: How to add this field before integrating your hack; Preparing for your hack...

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                              Real Web Host


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                                Hi webhost,

                                I see, okay - that's fine.

                                I now have an extra field "MSN Messenger Name" in the register/modifyoptions & memberlist templates.
                                But they are sorted not the way I need it.

                                It's like:
                                • ICQ Nummer:
                                • AOL Instant Messenger Name:
                                • Yahoo Messenger Name:
                                • Birthday:
                                • Signature (on profile]
                                • MSN Messenger

                                Any chance to get it out of the $customfields
                                right under the other Messenger fields?
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