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Password protecting or securing individual forums.

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  • Password protecting or securing individual forums.

    Well, I'm sure this has been answered before or is plainly spelled out in the manual (hell if i can find it though).
    I have 6 forums on one board, 2 in one section/catagory which will be my public section, and four under another secition/catagory that I want to password protect if this is an option. If not, what's the method to secure these?

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    You cannot password-protect, but you can use Usergroups.

    Manual will be released with the final version (or very near to it).


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      You seem to be like mr. helper =)
      can you possibly give me a basic walk through on how i would create the groups, assign them and assign that group to the forum, or is this gonna be a RTFM kinda question.
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        To setup a usergroup, do the following:

        Admin CP > Usergroups > Add
        Name the group, and set the default permissions you want for it (this will apply to all forums).
        Then go to
        Admin CP > Usergroups > Modify Forums
        For each forum you wish to change default permissions for, click the [edit] link next to the usergroup you want to change. Click the circle next to "custom" and select the permissions you want. Repeat for any other groups.

        Permissions are inherited, meaning, if you set custom permissions for a category, those will also apply to any forums and/or sub-forums within that category. You can change that, however, just by manually editing the forum/subforum via the [edit] link next to the appropriate usergroup.