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  • oh I almost forgot
    I made a mod to this line

    <a href="../online.php?s=<?php echo $session[sessionhash]; ?>&action=move"> View Online Users </a>

    I took out the ../
    if I put it in it does give an error that says
    The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers. The headers it did return are:
    I've got it in this way now, since it was the original.

    I have double checked everyting and it is as it should be
    according to the instructions.
    also I was doing a new install.


    • Geezus
      I can't believe I did that !

      I put the online.php in the admin dir insted of the root.

      Works like a charm now


      • had to remove the hack seems my Current Active User figure get's misreported and even myself don't show up on the list until i browse around my forum for a while and refresh the main page...

        i have 59 sessions via phpmyadmin but only 17 members/guests showed up
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        • Hope this one gets figured out soooon.... This is my all time favorite hack.


          • Is there a way to make this online.php file show the # or members/posts/threads too?


            • The session table is updated at the completion of a page output so if you go to index.php as the first page of your visit you will not see yourself until you refresh.


              • Originally posted by max
                Is there a way to make this online.php file show the # or members/posts/threads too?
                Yeah That would be nice.
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                • Originally posted by max
                  Is there a way to make this online.php file show the # or members/posts/threads too?
                  This post here solved most of my problems and answered the questions I had on this topic:

                  Thanks alot to eva2000 and TechTalk

                  The only other thing I wanted to know, is to get a separate page to show all Online Members, and where exactly they are browsing. To have it looking sort of like this:


                  I don't know if this hack Online hack can do something like this, or would it be another separate hack?


                  • That's what this hack does...?


                    • Wow, check it out TubeDogg is a Moderator. Congrats Tube.


                      • Originally posted by tubedogg
                        That's what this hack does...?
                        tubedogg, but it's not formatted anyway.. it just displays this info in the wide open unless you <include> it someplace..

                        and it also doesn't show you where they're browsing exactly, which i'm not sure if this hack can do..

                        Actually, let me show you exactly what I mean:

                        Click here to see the perfect example
                        Last edited by max; Mon 28 May '01, 9:45am.


                        • Oh
                          in that case I retract my earlier statement.

                          I meant something like the
                          members page + online + some stats + ip addys....
                          like a sizable spread sheet that you could see everything
                          at once, with maybe the buttons like are in the members page,
                          but only show all this for the members that are online,
                          and have a button like the pm that would popup a
                          windows just like pm, but work like icq.

                          Now is that asking for the world or what...


                          • Hello,

                            After carefully following the instructions, I get the following error:

                            Warning: Variable $loggedins is not an array or string in /home/noc/dre-www/board/online.php3 on line 29

                            Parse error: parse error in /home/noc/dre-www/board/online.php3 on line 44

                            Last edited by daydreamer; Fri 1 Jun '01, 4:35am.


                            • Anyone?


                              • Daydreamer

                                Did you backup your sessions.php? If you did you may opt to rename the hacked sessions.php and put your backed up sessions back on the server. If you don't get the error, then you need to go through your hack or rehack.


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