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  • Hmm seems to of broke the amount of users that are online. It is now stuck at 0 even when I am on the board. It never did this before. Did i do something wrong someplace?


    • GREAT!!

      Nicely Done TubeDogg!!
      Thank You!


      • Can someone post the strings to replace for 2.0.1?

        The lines are TOTALLY different!
        Also do some strings exist twice or even more!

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        • Hey, I'm new here and I need your help.
          I've tried the who'sonline hack and I'm really thankful for the one who did it. But I had a problem. first, I installed it successfully but when I go to the page where I can see the users and the visitors I see a table with two culoms in it. The first one for the users and the visitors and the other one is for where they are. Unfortunately, it doesn't give me where they really are..!!! instead it only gives me that they are (browsing the Board) ...How can I fix this problem so that it gives me what they exactly are doing????

          Thanks again for everyone here....Specially to tubedogg
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          • Unless they are on specific pages they will show up as browsing the board. If you take a look through the online.php file you will see the various instances of where they must be to trigger a page name.


            • Thank you so much tubedogg...
              I did what you told me and the problem was fixed...thanks again...


              • For some reason, I'm getting nothing but binary text spit back. I'm calling online.php on the homepage and it's full of binary text. I've gone back and made sure that the files were uploaded in ascii and tried running the mysql.php file again. When I do that, I get a database error message:

                Database error in vBulletin Control Panel: Invalid SQL: ALTER TABLE session ADD location VARCHAR(225) not null
                mysql error: Duplicate column name 'location'
                mysql error number: 1060
                Date: Monday 02nd of July 2001 12:12:44 AM
                Script: /forums/admin/mysql.php

                Any ideas what I should do?


                • love this hack

                  Hola hola,

                  I'm going to ask two questions (and I'll feel really dumb if it IS in fact covered within all the replies -- I've looked through them and couldn't find it)...

                  Uno: Is is possible to change how the logged in users are sorted? I'd love to see mine sorted by latest activity first.

                  Dos: Has the duplicated listing of users things been resolved and I missed it? It's not a huge problem, but it would make for a much tidier list if users weren't listed two, three or even four time. Is it possible that hitting "refresh" or "reload" has something to do with this (might be a dumb questions, but I'm no .php wizard, so be nice!)



                  • I'm working on a cleaned up version of this hack but need a little help. I've gotten rid of the bad urls and and duplicate listings but I'd like to make it even better

                    see this thread

                    my main problem is that the sessions table will list the same person more than once. I've told the script to ignore these duplicates, but I'd perfer to get rid of the duplicates. If you have any knowledge of sessions.php, the sessions table and how it's used please check out the above thread. I don't want to edit the code so it cleans out the duplicates if they are needed elsewhere by another script.

                    Thank in advance


                    • Mutt,

                      Keep us posted on your progress. I'd just be happy to get this cool hack working again.



                      • I have a quick question that should be easy. I have this on my site and am using an SSI call to show it on my main page. The problem is the text color. Its black by default which makes it invisible in my table. Where would I change the color. I'm not sure if its using a forum color from the templates or if its imbedded into the code or what...

                        My site is at you can see the problem after you enter the site..


                        • I have a beta version that could use some testing. If you already have the who's online hack installed and working, install is a snap. follow the link to a thread with details



                          • Questions

                            thanks for this script, i have some questions before installing:

                            (1) will this work for vb version 2 ?

                            (2) most importantly: if i use a Mod_Auth_MySQL with .htaccess, and the user logs into my site, but not into any of the vB forums...will i get to see the online members? if not, can the script recall the members from the .htaccess, i'm not familiar with php and MySQL, please help.

                            (3) if #2 is achieved, can you be able to track the users?



                            • 2 points

                              1. There are multiple instances in v 2.01 that we aren't told to replace. Do we replace each instance?
                              2. This hack would be more expandable if the list of programs -> Title (e.g.
                              PHP Code:
                                  } elseif (strpos($location,"private")!==false) {
                              $locationtitle="Viewing private messages";
                                  } else {
                              $locationtitle="Browsing Board"
                              would be placed in a template or in phpinclude or a text file modified in the CP, so we can change the wording, add new scripts etc...

                              otherwise, nice hack!


                              • I also asked before what exactly has to be replaced in vB 2.0.1, because the lines don't fit anymore!
                                Also some pieces of code are there now more than once!

                                Anyone uses it with 2.0.1?

                                What did you replace and what not?
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