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  • It works that way until I have time (and figure out how) to fix it.


    • Originally posted by tubedogg
      It works that way until I have time (and figure out how) to fix it.
      tubedogg > have you read my solution a couple of posts back?

      I can help you if you want...


      • I've been dabling alittle with a little asp
        forum too, and was just thinking how it
        would be nice if this hack could do something
        like this....


        • Hello!

          Just wanted to tell those ones, who want to have a link at the usernames to to the following:

          Edit the template online_userbits:
          <a href="member.php?s=$session[sessionhash]&action=getinfo&userid=$userid">$username</a>

          That's all ...

          Greetings, The Professor!


          • Great hack. Keep up the good work!
            Richard Young, Esq.
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            • What about the PHP3 bug? Can we please get it fixed?

              Thankx for your time...



              • i get t hat erorr you must refresh when i try to run mysql.php adn i have not added this specific who is online and i am running 2.01 whats heres the source

                Database error in vBulletin Control Panel: Invalid SQL: INSERT INTO session (sessionhash,userid,host,useragent,lastactivity,location) VALUES ('19be5cce704b80c44554bfab15efb9e9','1','','Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0b; Windows 98; Wi','','992984419')
                mysql error: Unknown column 'location' in 'field list'
                mysql error number: 1054
                Date: Tuesday 19th of June 2001 05:00:19 PM
                Script: /admin/index.php
                Referer: [url][/url]
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                • ok i fixed it but now its not showing where people are really at
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                  • If you read my recent post on the lastxx.php script I said that I got it working on an entirly differnt server/ip than the server that has our MySQL db.

                    Well I just tried this script and it worked just as well as assumed. Question though, Instead of just showing the names/numbers in plain text do you have any plans of making it look exactly like how it shows up in the boards? Where you have it say:

                    | Currently Active Users: # |
                    There are currently # members and # guests on the boards.
                    Most users ever online was # on mm-dd-yyyy at hh:mm AM/PM.

                    Name1, Name2, Name3, Name4, ..... , NameN

                    And for the config file you can turn on/off the Name listing line, as well as the Most users ever line

                    Just wondering, no pressure here. Thanks again =)


                    • OK about the php3 bug first I have to figure out what it is. Then I'll fix it.

                      Sean: You're asking for a different hack that I already made.


                      • Tube, sorry thats the one that I downloaded, I just posted in the wrong thread, mainly this on. But All I see is the text that says how many people are on, I dont see any of the fancy tables and colors.

                        Im guessing all this stuff im talking about should go in

                        echo("Member(s) on: $regmemberson. Guest(s) on: $guestson.");
                        Also, ive been noticing that the results dont seem to match. Our boards say 23 online with 7 guests currently, and your script outputs: Member(s) on: 40. Guest(s) on: 8.

                        You can look at our boards at

                        And the script is all the way at the bottom at
                        Last edited by SeanD; Thu 21 Jun '01, 3:54pm.


                        • i have a question!
                          i have used this hack, and when i'm online, everything is ok. but someone tell me, he can't explore vbb, show:
                          Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in ./admin/sessions.php on line 265
                          and i loginout ,still can't see this.

                          when i replace "session.php", he can login and explore.

                          so ,can u tell me why?

                          i used version 2.2, and do everything carefully!

                          my vbb's version is 2.0.


                          • Originally posted by lichtflits
                            every time when I try to see the online members I see this error:

                            Warning: Variable $loggedins is not an array or string in /home/l/lichtfli/www/forums/online.php on line 29

                            Parse error: parse error in /home/l/lichtfli/www/forums/online.php on line 44

                            does anybody now what it is?
                            Me too!
                            who can help us?


                            • Originally posted by ztsky

                              Me too!
                              who can help us?
                              ztsky! i have tested , and everthing ok!

                              just what i say had showed!
                              Last edited by realyn; Mon 25 Jun '01, 1:28am.


                              • Great hack one small adjustment to online.php was needed to me that was


                                at the top of the code. Just like all other VB pages. Without this it was giving me a lot of warning messages. Maybe you should add this code to the hack ?

                                I'm pretty pleased with myself for that lol I ain't really a php expert but I fixed something *claps*


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