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can you restrict guest browsing?

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  • can you restrict guest browsing?

    Is there a way to restrict the browsing of boards by guests? For example, unless they were registered, they could not even view posts?

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    Sure on your admin control panel go to: User Groups and Permissions-Modify. Click edit on Unregistered / Not Logged In and change the permissions. You should probably also do this for the usergroup: Users Awaiting Email Confirmation.


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      In the admin control pannel look at the bottom where it says Modify Forums, click that, and look for the forum you wish to limit. Then unregistered/not logged in, and click edit.

      After that, then choose Use custom settings, then you just choose no to all the things you don't want them to do..


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        We use that too in that way and it works.
        Also we disabled the "invisible" option for all users and updated the database with a command so all users are visible (and they can't change it back to unvisible now).

        But still guest users are showing up on the online userlist.

        Could it be that if somebody just closes his browser and does not log out by the logout button, such a users will show up as "guest user" after a certain amount of time?

        And if yes, is there a hack or something so this won't happen?
        If no, then how can it be we've still got guest users regularly?
        Greetings, Black Tiger


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