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Private Forums - Best way to set up?

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  • Private Forums - Best way to set up?

    I want to have a portion of my board be public and have the bottom half be private. I understand that I need to set up each of the categories and threads with such permissions and check the "Hide Private Forums" box in the options settings so they don't appear to those who do not have permission.

    But what is the easiest way to be able to add members to the private forums? I know I can go in after they register and change the permissions on each user account, but that is not a practical solution if we are speaking about high volumes of users. It could get tedious very quickly.

    Is there a way to develop a custom user title group and set permissions so that those with certain titles have access to the private forums? If so, how can I structure it such that only specific people are able to register with that title? Or would the best solution be to say develop a custom title like "Gold Member" and then as people register, the admin would go in and change their title from Member to Gold Member for selected persons.

    Thanks for any workarounds or help on this. I know I can do it by going in manually for each person, but there has to be an easier way...

    Adam Boettiger

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    you answered your question

    Go into Usergroups an Permissions -> Add to add a new Usergroup, let's call it "private"
    Edit the restrictions/permissions for this usergroup. After that simply change the desired users to be member of that usergroup

    Then you go into Modify Forums and add the forumspermissions you want the usergroup to have access to and restrict the private forums for all usergroups that should not have access to them
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      Thanks. I have done that, but there must be some way of creating a separate or unique reqistration page that will have a default user group setting on it.


      Two groups - Registered users (normal signup form, assigns usergroup as "Registered" with associated permissions)


      Private users (another signup form or different URL that would be a copy of the Register Adult template that would have the default usergroup set as "Private" with associated permissions)

      I dunno.

      There has got to be an easier way to assign a private user group status to a user, than by going into each account manually after they sign up and changing it. It would be so easy if we could just be able to set up a second signup form and make the URL known only to those you wish to be able to register as Private users.

      So Registered users would have partial access to the board, but Private users would have full access to all areas including private forums.

      Perhaps we're talking about having two versions of VB installed, but that gets too complicated.



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