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[RELEASE] vbSpiderFriend - Search Engine Friendliness

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  • George L
    strange i just installed this on my vb 2 rc2 forum and it loads with all forums but no threads are shown when i click on any of the forum links/dates ?

    i'd post the url but my private forums are revealed as well

    is this meant to be set to mysql

    var $CONN = "";
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  • Overgrow
    I know you must be piling on the sarcasm.. cracking on my UI like that! Look how flexible it is-- you can change the spacing to however many nbsp's you want! hehe

    This is never meant to be viewed by a user except when they click through the search engine to the plain-text thread. Then the point is to get them to click on one of the top links to bring them into your real forum system. Before I launch this on my site I am definitely going to "pretty it up" but I figured I'd release the raw code and let everyone else have at it as well.

    p.s. my site is damn slow today, I'm sure when installed on a real system it won't be so slow as that example.

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  • George L
    woah nicely laid out output too

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  • Overgrow
    View an online example:

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  • Overgrow


    VERSION 1.0

    NEW VERSION, May 21 9:38 am PST

    Upgrading: Unzip and copy your variables from the top of the old index.php to the new index.php.


    v1.1b release

    -That forwarding scheme added in 1.0b is considered 'cloaking' by Google so it has been turned off by default. If you wish to enable it, make $refresh=1 in the top options.

    -Added a new link at the top saying that this is the text-only version, click for the real thing. Idea by robertusss.

    v1.0b release:

    -Added a forwarding scheme. If the archive is spidered they will see the search-friendly version of the thread. If a user clicks onto that page from a search engine, they will be automatically forwarded to the real showthread.php. This is done with the REFERER tag.

    -Added the top link to the footer as well for more keyword density

    -Fixed all minor bugs


    -Made the private forums actually hide themselves

    -Made the query string parser more flexible to work on any install location

    -Added $privateForums variable so they will not be shown

    -Added header("Status: 200 OK"); for the really picky engines
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  • Overgrow
    started a topic [RELEASE] vbSpiderFriend - Search Engine Friendliness

    [RELEASE] vbSpiderFriend - Search Engine Friendliness

    I am tired of my 200,000 posts not being listed in Google. I was inspired by this morning and I wrote:

    vbSpiderFriend - the search engine indexer for all of your posts

    Purpose: Allow search engine spiders to crawl a linked list of all of your posts.

    Project Requirements:

    -Friendly URLs (no query strings)
    -Good dynamic meta tags
    -Never have to touch the script again.. It is Y3K compliant, simply re-submit to the engines to update your listings

    Install Requirements:

    -vBulletin 1.x or 2.x
    -about 10 minutes

    1) Download the attached Zip.

    2) Open class.mysql.php and put your database login info at the top.

    3) Create a new directory called archive under your forum, like /forum/archive

    4) Open the included .htaccess and change the Error 404 to your new archive path.

    5) Open index.php and change the self-explanatory variables at the top of the file.

    6) Upload all 3 files to your archive directory.

    7) Submit /forum/archive/index.php to search engines and watch em crawl

    DISCLAIMER: I don't use 2.x but I checked the schema and this should work fine.

    NOTES: This uses ErrorDocument and query string parsing to get the variables needed. I do not have the time or energy to troubleshoot this if it does not work on your server. Sorry!
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