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Importing from other message boards (Discus)

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  • Importing from other message boards (Discus)


    I have been an avid user and customiser of the discus board but due to a lack of features and no timescale for the release of the next version, I have just switched over to vBulletin 2.

    So far I love it - it really is packed with everything you could ask for.

    Unfortuneatly I have a discus board with thousands of posts and users - is there anyway that I could at least import the messages into my new vBulletin?

    Also as a newbie (but one who will get round to some extensive customisation of vBulletin boards!) could you point me in the right direction for sites specialising in vBulletin styles/hacks hints etc.?

    Many Thanks,

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    Can anyone help??????


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      We are in the middle of writing lots of importers for vBulletin 2.0... I'm not sure if Discus is on our todo list, but it may be worth looking into.

      For now however, there is no script to allow you to import from Discus into vBulletin.


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        I'm also quitting Discus ... too many problems, my board is now disabled.

        My Discus board has about 7,000 postings on about 1,000 pages and I would love to be able to import those.

        Would be happy to do some testing for you.

        Thanks, Christine


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          Another one..

          Hi Christine,

          I suspect we ran into the same problems and limitations. My board was about the same size as yours and it was a big pity to lose it!

          People now seem to love vBulletin and posting is rampant. But it would be nice to get all the old messages back!

          I'm afraid I have no knowledge of databases or programming so I'm little help!



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            Import messages in tab-delimited format?

            It looks like Discus import isn't going to be available any time soon.

            Can the Discus feature to "Export messages in tab-delimited format" be used to import messages to vBulletin?


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              If we were to open up our new vbulletin boards now without first importing all discus posts, would we be able to import them at a later date w/o screwing things up?

              I realize some users may register under different names but I think I read somewhere else that these posts would be "classified" unknown and then we could just assign them to the proper new usernames.

              Anyone from the vb team care to clarify please?




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                Hi all,

                I'v been waiting for a while right now. Is there any information about this. I don't like the idea of being stuck with the discus board.

                Pleaaase help me
                It was'nt me, it was the one armed man


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                  Any news about this one?

                  We need an import script for discus 3.10 pro urgently!!


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