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24 hour ban?

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  • 24 hour ban?

    Is it possible to impose a time-limited ban on a user's posting privilages?

    Lets say you want to stop someone for posting for 24 hours. Is it possible to do that automatically? I know that you can define user groups and then move the particular user to that group manually and move them again after 24 hours...but is it possible to automate this process?


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    Jake does not think it is possible to automate this.


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      Jake needs to stop talking about himself in the third person

      Abbas: You could do this via a cron job. You would need to talk to your host about how to implement this (if your host provides CPANEL, there is an option in there to do it). In the script run via that cron job, you would put the query to move that user back to their own usergroup. Everytime you banned someone, you would need to make a small change in the script and reupload it.

      I would put it in the forums/admin directory.
      For example:

      PHP Code:
      $db=mysql_connect($servername,$dbusername,$dbpassword) or die("Can't open connection to MySQL");
      mysql_select_db($dbname) or die("Can't select database");

      mysql_query("UPDATE user SET usergroup='2' WHERE userid='XX'");
      You'd substitute that user's id for XX in the example.


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        Thanks tubedogg!

        Do you think this idea is worth implementing in one of the future versions of vB?



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          Now here is a neat idea. How about adding this to 2.1 Kier?
          Time Limited Banning. Nice.


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            The problem with adding something like this to the default installation is that most people wouldn't use it and a good portion wouldn't be able to if they wanted to.

            Not all IPP's allow you to set CRON jobs and not all webservers support them.
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              So much for that idea.


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                good idea

                As I normally have to do this manually. Maybe the option of 'ban this person permanently', and then the option of ban for X number of days??? This would be great.


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