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Strange... True GMT is displayed as one hour ahead, but local user PST is correct...

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  • Strange... True GMT is displayed as one hour ahead, but local user PST is correct...

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a strange issue that I just noticed, but I only discovered because I was recently paying attention to GMT...

    On my VB 2.3.4 forum, when I am logged out, it says that the GMT time is one hour LATER than it should be (the correct GMT time should be one hour earlier).

    Perhaps this is because GMT does not have Daylight Savings Time, and England does. But, in VB 2.3.4, the England/UK timezone and International GMT are lumped in the same category.

    What it SHOULD say on the bottom front page of the forum is that "All Times GMT London Time," or something like that, since it is NOT true GMT...

    When I log on (to my local PST), PST is correct.

    PST is currently 7 hours less than GMT, but when I log out, GMT is being displayed as 8 hours ahead.

    Yes, my admin cp is set correctly to the server time of PST (GMT -8), and my user CP time is set correctly to PST....

    So, does this mean that GMT will always be off during the summer because everyone but GMT changes their clocks?

    I think the reason why the default GMT on the home page displays one hour too late is because in VB 2.x, GMT is put in the same category as England time, or perhaps VB takes GMT time from our local servers, and adjusts it to GMT based on the timezone chart.

    This can probably be fixed by getting a GMT value directly from the GMT server, and placing that on the bottom of the index page (rather than getting a relative GMT value).......

    There should be seperate categories for UK GMT time (which has Daylight Saving), and International GMT time (which does NOT have DST).

    Is there some kind of fix or hack for this? Is there a daylight savings time hack for VB 2.3.4 so that GMT displays correctly in the summer?

    Or, is my issue perhaps caused by something else?

    Thanks for your thoughts and feedback...


    P.S.... Does anyone have some code that I can add that will take GMT directly from a GMT server so that it will display correctly (perhaps with the "gmdate" PHP function? Where would I add this code in VB? (on which page?) Thanks for your help...

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    Hi Everyone,

    I just learned that a UNIX timestamp is always in GMT time...

    So, why would I get the correct PST time when I am logged in, but then when I log out, it states that the GMT time is one hour later than it should be... ?

    On my other VB3 forum, the time stamp issue is ok, but I want to figure it out for my 2.x VB board, so any thought or help would be appreciated.

    The time stamp for the VB2 board probably does not show the real GMT time to logged out users, because it probably generates a GMT time stamp figure on the front unlogged page, somehow, rather than just grabbing and showing the real GMT time.


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      I was thinking that perhaps the server for my website is in mountain time (one hour later), so I changed the server timezone to MT...

      After that, the GMT time would show fine, but then when I logged in, my PST (which says it is GMT -8) displayed as one hour early.....

      This is because since it is DST, Los Angeles is actually 7 hours less than GMT, not 8 hours less, but somehow, the VB software is not reflecting this.

      Any solutions to this would be appreciated.



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        I think that a fairly simple way to display GMT time is to create a simple $truegmttime string in the phpincludes template (for example,
        $truegmttime=gmdate("M d Y H:i:s");
        , and then call up the $truegmttime on any page that you want to show true GMT...

        (I hope that this might help others who are thinking about how to resolve this on their VB2 boards)



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