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how do u knwo if sql backup is successful ?

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  • how do u knwo if sql backup is successful ?

    i read somewhere that sometimes sql backups get timeouts and do not save properly, therefore leaving u with a half-complete backup.

    how can it be know when a backup is done SUCCESSFULLY ???

    and does the writing in the pic look ok the way it is set ?? i saved it like that as a .doc and renamed it to .sql

    thanx all

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    If it didn't come up with an error, then you can be fairly sure it worked.
    But if you want to be certain then paste the last 5 or so lines from the sql file into a post in this thread.


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      here they r ...

      i didnt seem to get any errors but i left it on all night to backup because im on a slow conenction so i cannot be sure ....

      soo , here r the last 7 lines of the backup

      thank you


      INSERT INTO word VALUES('6968','oooo');
      INSERT INTO word VALUES('6969','go..');
      INSERT INTO word VALUES('6970','footprints');
      INSERT INTO word VALUES('6971','hearts...');
      INSERT INTO word VALUES('6972','attachment');
      INSERT INTO word VALUES('6973','awwww');
      INSERT INTO word VALUES('6974','nice.');


      that seems to be the last of the bit of the database bacup

      pls let em know if its fine

      thank u


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        ^ bump


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          do you have telnet access to your server? If so just do a mysql backup command


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            The only way to be sure is to reimport your backup into an empty datbase.
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              You'd know if it wasn't sucessful, trust me. Yours is fine though.


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                thanx all, and also Ed.

                i wouldve been still thinking what to do but seeing this is THE Ed who replied, ill take it on board.


                btw, whatts the command to backup a database in telnet ?


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                  mysqldump -uUSERNAME -pPASSWORD DATABASENAME > PATH/TO/DUMP.txt

                  anything in caps needs to be changed to your information.


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                    "mysqldump -uUSERNAME -pPASSWORD DATABASENAME > PATH/TO/DUMP.txt "

                    Susan, I am having problems as well. I keep getting an error when telnetting and running mysqldump. I gather that I am not specifying the path correctly so thought I'd ask. Here you have the last part of the command as path/to/dump.txt and in another posting others list the command as path/to/dump.sql

                    Which is the correct format? .txt or .sql for labeling the file?




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