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Excessive Hang time with vB 2.0

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  • Excessive Hang time with vB 2.0

    Well my VDI problems have finally cleared up to were there is only a 7% packet loss so I can say there appears to be excessive hang time with vB 2.0

    I am running Release Candidate 1 on a shared server.

    The effect is most noticeable when you enter one of the individual forums. After the header loads up it just wants conk out. In fact, 50% off the time the status bar in my browser says done before it kicks in and gets its second wind. My forum URL is Can anybody offer any suggestions.
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    What web host are you using? What service on that web host? Did you have this problem with vB 1.15 or 1.16? Or have you always run vB 2.0?

    I'm on and I experienced slow downs when I went from 1.15 to vB 2.0. Basically I just trimed down the little things in vB 2.0:

    1. Turn off thread ratings in each forum. This gets rid of on column in your forum thread listing, and eliminates one image that has to load (or at least query to see if it needs to load).

    2. Replaced the postbit images (Profile, E-mail, WWW, and all those ones that appear under a person's post) with text.

    3. Got rid of the "keys" at the bottom of each forum. You know the folder icons and what they do? ..."this folder icon means this, etc, etc".

    4. Turned off persistant connections in my config.php. This appeared to greatly increase the capacity of my forums.

    I think that's it. One thing I have always done on my forums is not allowing remote loading of images. I keep everything on my server. Avatars are all on my server, instead of allowing people to use IMG code to display images in their posts I increased the attachment size and make them attach the image to their posts so the load time of the thread is less since the image doesn't load on the thread page, and when they click the link to load the image their browser doesn't have to resolve another domain to load the image. No remote images in sigs either.

    I would have enabled gZip compression on my forums but my server's php implementation doesn't support that.

    It's all about tweaking.


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      Speed was fine on vb 1.15. I am on burst net shared server. I could have as many as 60 concurrent users before I encountered any problems before.

      I noticed on another board that went from 1.1.6 to 2.0 today that it slowed it down considerably. It does the same thing as mine does. It just stalls after the header loads. That board has avatars off, whose online off, and posting icons off. Your suggestions are good ones, but I don’t think that is what is causing my problem. On the individual forums index and on the main forum index there are no external images loading other than my banner ads. However, the header with my ad loads up fairly quickly.

      I am getting concerned because activity is way down since the conversion, several of my users have complained to me via email, and in the forum about the load time.
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        vB outputs everything at once, so once you see the header, the whole page has been processed. MySQL is not your bottleneck. PHP seems to be running a little slower than I've seen, but it's not too bad. Output seems to be your bottleneck -- whether it's PHP or a throughput issue.


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          Thanks Ed I think I am going to sit tight until all the VDI problems get fixed.
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            Originally posted by M. Libbert
            Thanks Ed I think I am going to sit tight until all the VDI problems get fixed.
            i'm on the vdi network as well i my forums load fine but when i viewed yours the hedaer loaded but the tables for the forum took for ages to load..

            did you revert to RC1 default templates for forumhome etc ?
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              I believe those have all been changed to RC1 templates. I am still showing an 11% packet loss I think some hosts haven’t faired as bad as others.
              For instance I show only a 2% packet loss from Ventures Online.
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                M. Libbert

                I have about as much header graphics, hacks, etc... as many do with Version 2. I really don't know how fast Version 1 was, but I will say, My forums are very fast with all the header, footer, graphics, hacks etc..... and all of the options turned on.

                If you would like to romp around my forums to do a speed check, your welcome. I'll bet you'll find them extremely fast. MySQL in this case is a dedicated Database server shared. Not part of the rest of my site, but shared access to the database server never the less. Not truly dedicated. (at least not yet)

                I don't think your problem is vB 2.0. Check out all the graphics on my forums and my load time and I think you will agree. Your problem is most likely just VDI or some html and template problems. I do have a friend that posts in here that has had recent issues with VDI also.

                The graphics not including any vB graphics is around 48k.
                The only thing I can think of different, is that I'm sure you have a decent size database file. This software was just installed last week.

                PS. I just clicked on your forums and I see what you are saying. I hope you find your fix.

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                  I have been helping Mark and verified the following:
                  • The templates he is using are from RC1
                  • VDI during peak times has major packet loss in excess of 30%, off peak his site loads fine (less than 10secs)
                  • The banners in his header are loading very quickly
                  • Here are his board stats: "Registered Members: 1868 6978 threads in total | 32725 posts in total" and these threads are all active
                  • has moved him to a new server recently and the performance is what appears to be less than the previous one
                  • When 30 plus users are on his board at one time the server load is hovering around 2.7-3.2 peaking to 10+
                  • MySQL version is: "3.23.22-beta"
                  • PHP version is: "4.0.4pl1"
                  • Here is the URL to the MySQL stats:

                  If anyone has any other suggestions the help would be greatly appreciated.

                  One thing I just noticed is that sometime over the weekend his server was moved to another NOC and is being routed through VDI, the lag times (at least from my connection) per hop is about 250ms/hop!
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                    Any news on this?

                    I'm experiencing the same thing, though with me it happens only now and then, say once in every 20 pages or so. Also I got a report of a user saying she has it all the time. We are both on Internet explorer 5.0.

                    Problems were reported on RC2 and now on RC3.

                    Just wondering if you solved the problem and know what caused it.
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