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How long till vB 2.0 hits Gold ?

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  • How long till vB 2.0 hits Gold ?

    When do you guys think vB 2.0 Final is going to be out ? Can you give us some idea ?

    Just waiting on that UBB6 --> vB2 import script to make the switch

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    hopefully soon....
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      When it is ready. hehe


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        We should start a pool. I think there will be one more release candidate, and my guess for the final release is:

        May 1, 2001 at exactly 8:43am GMT

        [Coincidentally this roughly coincides with the moment my UBB license expires! ]
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          Yep, i'm waiting and then i'm switching to VB too. UBB 6 is a desaster. No further comment ...


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            The date is........

            Yes there will be one more release candidate RC2. This will be the final test release. The Gold release will come out on May 15, 2001 at exactly 4:17 pm CST.

            h4p3-Good move and couldn't agree more.
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              hey GimmeTech, why do you know the release date?

              BTW: Nice Site, ...


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                They are guessing, dear.


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                  Oh, i see ...


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                    Originally posted by h4p3
                    Oh, i see ...
                    LOL . Ya, Smachol mentioned a poll. A guess if or when a second release candidate would come into effect as with the gold release. Just a guess is all.

                    Ps. Thank you for the nice comment on the site. Much hard work has gone into it and we are no where near ready for the search engines. Having fun learning though.
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                      My guess is that the next version will be vBulletin 2.0.0 Final, and will come out on May 2nd at 03:45 GMT


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                        Nah! They're holding off because someone's finally realised they've got to write a manual!


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                          I heard that there might be a SLIGHT possibility of an RC2 before final, but this is unconfirmed and frankly i forgot who I heard that from now...

                          So I hope they get all the bugs worked out of this RC1 and the next one be the FINAL version.

                          Also about the manuals I also remember hearing some that yes the delay is because they are wanting to have a complete help guide and user manual with the forums for the Final, so all our questions about messing with the thing will be answered. Hope this is true, good documention on this forum would be most appreciated, just hope it doesn't tie up the launch of the Final Build too long!


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                            Better be out before May.. lol.. I think my license expires on the 2nd of May. So I want the full version before it expires.


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                              Ed mentioned PC2 so I think it is certain that RC2 will come out.


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