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newbie install hangs

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  • newbie install hangs

    I just started installing 2.0 RC1 on a FreeBSD system and I got a hang right
    away on the install1.php script with no additional information. This is what I see:


    vBulletin Install Script

    (Note: Please be patient as some parts of this may take quite some time.)

    Welcome to vBulletin version . Running this script will do a clean install of vBulletin onto your server.

    Next step -->


    I have:

    1) tested PHP: everything is OK.
    2) tested MySQL and created a database manually.
    3) edited the config.php script with the correct database name, username and password.
    4) opened install1.php

    Since there is no additional information available, what do I do next to proceed??

    Thanks in advance,

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    Next step -->


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      Not sure I understand what you are indicating by 'quote'??



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        Click on the word next step


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          yeah, move your cursor on the next and click


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            OK. Thanks guys. I had to laugh, though. This first page is really crude compared to
            the rest of the vBulletin pages. Virtually all the links I click on the Internet use
            either standard underline or color to indicate that they are links. This one threw me, not
            only because it didn't look like a link but it also had an arrow '--->' which looks like it would
            contain the name of the next step after running for a while:

            (Note: Please be patient as some parts of this may take quite some time.)

            What is even more ironic is that there are actually one or more steps that either
            said 'click here to continue' or used an HTML button, which is a more obvious
            indication of what to do.

            Note: I am an experienced web developer. If this page totally threw me there should be
            something to improve there, no?

            Thanks again,


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