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    He's right, I just looked in the CP

    It is in the regular CP readout as well...

    I did a clean install of V2.0. No importing from UBB was performed.

    Now what?

    Is this a V2.0 bug of some sort?


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      Check this out....

      Last Post Bug in V2.0?


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        i just installed v1.1 and it's great but what's this about a bug ?
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          Originally posted by eva2000
          i just installed v1.1 and it's great but what's this about a bug ?
          Well, looks like we have 2 separate bugs going on. One was the use of php3 extensions which was causing a problem when trying to view the next page of pms, but Sisko fixed that and re-uploaded the pmstats.php file to the top of this thread this morning I believe. So...basically, that's fixed, but the next one is what a lot of us have been seeing and that's the 1969 dates. I don't think it's got to with Sisko's hack, but rather a UBB importation problem for those of us who imported from UBB. I could be wrong.


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            All ZERO post users got this timestamp.......!
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            The Sisko


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              nice one dude now you have fixed that php3 code it works great


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                Just want to mention, a lot of people ask me to modify the hack to read the PM of an user.

                I'll wont do this! Private means private and so it should be. Please stop asking me for this one!
                The Sisko


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                  Nice Hack Sisqo... great stuff.

                  I look forward to your upgrade on Overgrows Mod log hack... nice.
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                    when I deleted all post of a member I'll see this: All PM's from .... has been deleted!
                    that ok.
                    but is it posible that the page automatic going back to the main pmstats page? (admin/pmstats.php)


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                      I have seen mention of colors but no definition of them. What do the the colors stand for?


                      Nice mod.



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                        the lastactivity, lostpost & lastvisit date & times are colour coded Green for less than a week, Blue for 1 - 2 weeks old, and red for any date older that 14 days.


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                          Ive come up with this to stop the date problem
                          In pmstats.php


                          PHP Code:
                          $lastpost strftime("%d-%m-%y<br>%H:%M:%S""$user[lastpost]"); 
                          and replace with

                          PHP Code:
                          if ($user[lastpost]==0){
                          $lastpost "Never Posted";
                          } else {
                          $lastpost strftime("%d-%m-%y<br>%H:%M:%S""$user[lastpost]");

                          All it does it looks for a dateline of 0 (no date) and sets $lastpost to Never Posted instead of the date.


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                            If the originator of this hack is reading this, how about a hack to be able to delete all PM's over a certain amount of days? Like delete PM's over [x] days old.


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                              Suddenly I get this error message

                              Warning: Division by zero in C:\HTTPD\upload\admin\pmstats.php on line 59

                              can anyone tell me why??


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                                You don't have any PM's on the board, so you got this error. I need to add a if command for fixing this one...
                                The Sisko


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