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VB - compatable in other browsers?

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  • VB - compatable in other browsers?

    I was wondering if someone could let me know if VB is compatable with some other browsers. They are:

    1. Netscape 6/6.1

    2. Netscape 4.x

    3. Opera

    I've tested on Netscape 6 and my forum is way out of wack on it when you are reading an actual post. The main page and topic in the forum looks ok, but the actual post when read is totally goofed up.

    Not sure about other versions/browsers either, so if you could, please let me know if there are any fixes or what works ok in which browser. I know IE is just fine, but wanted to get some input on the others.



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    The default templates should work fine in most browsers (4.x and above). If you have made any significant changes, that can affect it. As of now, Kier has spent a lot of time making them HTML4 (or is it 4.1?) compliant.


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      I've tested with the following results:

      Platform all PC:

      1. IE 5.0-6.0, OK

      2. Opera 5 - showed ok, but tables were a little different looking.

      3. Netscape 6/6.1 - Everything looks ok but the actual posts themselves. They are squished and narrow top to bottom.

      4. Others - unknown.

      If anyone would care to take a look, it would be great. Please don't sign up unless you want to, you can view everything without doing so, just not post.

      I would like to get feedback on how it's doing on other platforms, browsers. Please note that my site does have some java issues with the programmers code. If you wish to test the site as well and let me know you may, but I do know of the issues there (not the forum).

      Note, ALL of my templates are reverted back and re-done so they are the current RC1 used.

      Thanks for the test.



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        I'm getting a file not found error on that page.

        On another odd note, Netscape 6 won't even go to the main site page (Access forbidden)...but I can get there via IE...


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          Corrected links


          Thanks for checking, it was a typo. Here is the link

          main site:

          Note, I've tested the main site with Netscape 6 and it shows fine on my end using a PC. But, it does have it's headaches which is why many don't use it. It still doesn't show posts correctly formatted. All the others do though.

          Site issues known:

          Main site has trouble with the java code for the menus. It's their code, not mine. I'm looking into fixes though.




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            I realized after I posted that's probably what it was and I see what you mean. I can't find anything in the source ( although you tried to keep me out - no right click ) that would cause that and yet still show in IE6. Very strange.


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              Thanks for taking a look. The trouble I think is just that buggy Netscape 6 junk code they released.

              Netscape 4 I was told didn't have this issue by another user, so I think it's just 6 but not certain.

              Do you know if anyone else has reported this here? If not, should I report in case it's a bug somewhere in VB?

              Everything is reverted back to original RC1 code templates and then re-done, that's why it's so puzzling.

              Oh well, the others seem to work fine though.




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                I use ns6 (well, mozilla) daily, and all vB's work exept yours, so this issue is probably in your html.

                <table bgcolor="#CCCC99" width="" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" border="0">
                this code i think is the culprit - make width="100%", that should fix it.


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                  fixed I think


                  I believe that you were correct and it's now fixed.

                  What I did was set the "main table" width to 100% in the "styles" control panel. It didn't have any value in that box and I believe that was the problem. Not sure why it was, but it seems to work now just fine in Netscape.

                  If you or anyone else could check it with netscape and/or opera and let me know that would be great.

                  Thanks for the fix.



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                    2. Opera 5 - showed ok, but tables were a little different looking.
                    Opera has big problems with shoiwthread tables. The other sites are o.k.


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                      looks good now!


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