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b5 to RC1: upgrade questions....

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  • b5 to RC1: upgrade questions....

    Just curious what sort of precautions I need to take when upgrading to RC1 from beta 5. I have 2 hacks installed, and thats the "Custom Avatars as Files" hack, and the "Galaga Ranking" hack. I know the galaga hack should not affect anything, but what about the Custom Avatar one? Will I be ok to upgrade? I'm new to vB, so this will be my first upgrade.

    BTW... I have no regrets switching from UBB to vB. You guys rock! Everything is so easy with vB..... so I'm hoping this upgrade thing is too.

    Thanks. - the legend will never die!

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    Well, always backup!
    Backup the mysql database, and make a backup of the forums directories...

    What I do to save my hacks:
    after the last upgrade I made a single text file, taking me through all steps of installing hacks, meaning that it 'll tell me which of the files of the new vB version to change. The galaga hack, for example, requires you to add code to showthread.php (if I'm not mistaking)
    I just go through the whole thing, doing the changes needed, then I upload the whole thing and run upgrade"x".php

    Basically that's all there is to it...

    Next time I will dig up quickbasic and build myself a little program that will do all the changes for me