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I'm in a sticky UBB situation.

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  • I'm in a sticky UBB situation.

    Okay, I'm sure this is the same question everyone's asking, but I'm in a sticky situation, so I'll ask anyway: When's vB2 going to be gold?

    Here's my deal. I run, which is a UBB with over 4,000 registered users, maybe 3,000 active, and who knows how many concurrent. There are well over 200,000 posts going back a few years. The site uses about 1GB/day of bandwidth.

    The site is hosted for free by my generous friends at Dreamhost, but we're starting to overstay our welcome, because the machine that the site lives on keeps crashing. My host and I both think that vB would be a more stable solution, since it uses a database instead of flatfiles. I've just been waiting for it to come out of beta before upgrading.

    I've already purchased the license for it, and have beta 2 running as a test on the server. Actually I'm a little peeved that when I purchased the license, I had just read a post from one of the vB developers that it would be gold a few weeks later.

    So in the end, I guess I have two questions: When will vB be gold, and if it's not going to be for a while, is it a good idea to run a board of this size on the beta 5 code?

    Actually I guess the second question is invalid, since apparently you can't import UBB 6 data into vB2 yet? That's pretty frustrating. Sigh. Someone give me some hope here.

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    I run a BB far bigger than what you describe, and I've been running it on vB for over a year, inclduing on all the latest beta releases.

    Beta 5, from what I have been able to see so far, is nearly perfect. There are hardly any bugs, and certainly not production-stopping bugs.

    I cannot tell you when vB2 will go "gold" but I feel certain enough to tell you this much: it won't be much differnet than what it is now, simply because the current version is almost perfect