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Beta 5 FAQ problems and upgrade problems

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  • Beta 5 FAQ problems and upgrade problems


    Just upgraded to Beta 5. I noticed that your format for the FAQ has changed. I like the new format, however only one or two of the links is working on the FAQ page. How do I update the FAQ page *answers*?

    I see there is a template for the FAQ page itself, but I cannot find out how to modify page 2 (the page with the answers on it), and most of my links are not functional.

    Board is at

    Thanks for any help.

    Adam Boettiger

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    There's faq, which is the table of contents, and faq1 and faq2, the actual responses.

    However, FYI, the FAQ has already been rewritten to cover more questions with more depth.


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      Just went to your board -- that would happen if you didn't upload the new misc.php.


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        Mike, thanks. Another quick question...

        I am not a PHP person. I have been paying my server company an exhorbitant amount of money to do these installs for us because I never got an answer back from vBulletin about the install that I originally paid for.

        Is there some documentation in layman's terms, of what I need to do? Or is there someone who could walk me through it the first time on the phone?

        I have a telnet program and I know FTP but don't know telnet really well. So when you say "upload the misc.php file" I have no idea what you are talking about or how to do it. I paid my hosting company to do the Beta 5 upgrade and they said it did not take, and then they did a complete reinstall and I lost all my custom templates. Normally I would go back to them and have them upload this file that you are speaking of, but I think it is time I learned to do it myself - less expensive and I don't want to take the chance of them wiping out my custom templates again...


        Adam Boettiger


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          Did not take? Ooook.

          Just log in the members' area and download beta 5. Extract it on your hard drive. In the "upload" folder (I think that's what it's called) you should see a file named misc.php. This is the file you're looking for.

          You'll want to FTP into your site and go to your board's directory. Overwrite the misc.php that's currently there.


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            Thanks. That was pretty easy.


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              Yep, you dont realy need to know PHP to run a vB.