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deleteing threads ... is this possible ?

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  • deleteing threads ... is this possible ?

    I want to MASS delete threads. Not from a certain date but just random msgs. Is there a way to be able to select what msgs u want to del and hit del and all those msgs would delete ???

    I think this is a really important feature which SHOULD be included.

    if its already included (i must be blind) then please let me know

    thank you all

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    hmm ... no replies.

    so theres no way in the world to mass delete mesages ???????


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      I believe you can prune threads (mass delete) by date, or by user. I don't think there's a way to do it randomly.


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        how crap is that ? Well i suggest to the developers to add this feature cos once u come back to the board after a lot of msgs have been added, you would want to del random msgs and doing a LOT of these is going to occupy a lot fo time like this and a mass del function needs to be added.

        please let me know if there Is a way of randomly mass deleteing please



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          I dont even think I get this 'mass random delete'... You could try explaining a bit better.

          That said you can delete under any logical criteria via phpmyadmin or whatever if you know some basic SQL


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            I think he means a feature that you can selectively delete messages from a list.

            So you'd see a list of messages on a page with a checkbox besides it, select the messages you wanna delete and hit delete..


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              frankly, I don't think I understand what you mean either


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                vB already has this feature (sort of). When you select prune by date or usename it asks you if you want to selectively delete posts or just blow the lot away.

                The only limitation is the time span can only be from some time in the past to 1 day from now. So if you have posts that were posted today, there is no way to selectively delete posts.

                It's always puzzled me why it won't let you put zero in the time box. They must have actually gone out of their way to prevent it. Why?
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                  u hit the nail right on the head mas*mind !

                  it similar to the way u delete msgs in places like hotmail. u can tick what msgs u want to delete via little check boxes next to the msgs and hit DELETE and they will all be deleted at once !!!

                  its simple enuf and i cant believe it hasnt been integrated into the board.


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