Release vB Links 1.0

So here it is, the final version of my link hack is available to download.
Here are some features for this version:
  • showing links with the following information: Name, URL, Email, Banner, Banner ALT Text, Description, Forumlink, Hitcounter (outgoing), Categories
  • main page shows all links, but you can: a:sort by category and b:search for a site
  • registrated user can add new links, but admin or mod must confirm the links in the CP
  • an email is sent to you when there is a new link to approve
  • Links can be ordered over pages. Limit for links per page can be set
  • outgoing links will be redirect over a redirect page with information that you're leaving the forum...and outgoing counter will be set plus 1
  • Category is show on each link
  • CP: you can easy add new site on your own or edit a site
  • CP:can add or edit categories
  • CP: Categories can be reordered
  • CP:confirm and edit new sites
  • CP:upload banners to let them load faster
There are about 13 new templates and 2 new tables on the database which will be created over an easy installscript.

How to install?
Just download the attached file and unzip it, then open install.txt and follow the instructions. Need any help or find any bugs, please report them here. And don't hate me for the code, I tried my best!

As I like my script and need it anyway, there will be a next version of it, with more features. Some of the following features I am working on:
  • New startpage with a overview of all categories and the ability to add subcategories as well
  • automatic post of a new post in a specific. thread when admin / mod approved a link
  • logging user who's add the link (its easy but don't had the time for this version
  • categories and subcategories in Navbar
  • get used of the vB rate feature and try to integrate it
  • code clean up
  • better translation
  • and more...

INstall and upgrade
  • For those of you who will install the script the first time, just download the attached file and read firsttime_install.txt.
  • For those of you who allready updated the templates, just reupload "links.php" and do step 1. and 2. in upgrade_install.txt, and also open CP and add the links_redirect_add & links_redirect_url template which is attached to this message. This will fix all your probs
  • For those fo you who do not change the templates yet, but installed the hack, just do whats in upgrade_install.txt

DOWNLOAD vB Links Hack 1.3