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    From what I can tell, there is no way to pull a link out of the "Test Category". I'm in the admin panel now and in the category dropdown menu, "TEST" is the only option regardless of what you check below for "Top Sites". Am I not looking at the right thing?


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      Don't realy know what you mean? What do you want to do?
      The Sisko


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        Never mind. I added an "ALL" category to the list of categories. When you add a link, before, you had no choice but to put it in the "Test Category" so that the "Test" link always appears at the upper right hand corner of the link box. Maybe it's me, but what is the purpose of that "Test" link on each of the links? If I press the link, it just refreshes the page.


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          Sisko: Did you ever get my email? I was curious if you had any insight on my issue?



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            I recommend pasting the admin cp code into the MOD/LINKS.PHP too as this gives your moderators access to approve the links - so you don't have to give them access to your admin section

            I have to do this as we have 30 mods and 20,000 users on our boards

            Works fantastic - well done !
            Digital-Forums: | CK3 Games:


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              added translation opion

              I added a translation option, maybe someone likes this to add.

              Edit the linksbits template like this:

              Insert this line <a href="links.php?action=redirect&url=$link[url]&language=en" target="_blank">[Translate]</a>

              Between <div align="right">$counter$forumlink</div>

              So you'll get this :

              <div align="right">$counter$forumlink<a href="links.php?action=redirect&url=$link[url]&language=en" target="_blank">[Translate]</a></div>

              That should do it..


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                What's the purpose of the "translation option"??


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                  On my site I get a lot of foreign visitors and I have a lot of Japanese links. Therefore a translation option is very handy.


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                    The test category is there so there must be at least one category to begin working with the script. You can esay change the name of it to fit your needs!
                    The Sisko


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                      I've got some ideas for you to add.

                      Within the CP:
                      • A search option
                      • Search for duplicate links
                      • When modifying links it would be handy to have them listed alphabetical and in their corresponding categories


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                        What if I want to link to specific categories, how would I do that?

                        Let's say I have a computer forum and a gardening forum and in vB Links I have made the same categories.
                        From the computer forum I want to have a link directly to the computer category, and from the gardeniong forum I want to link directly to the gardening category.
                        What would be the correct syntax for the URL to go directly to those categories?

                        And while I'm at it, how would I set up that linking feature in vBulletin???


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                          I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but as expected, the upgrade to RC1 basically removes parts of the Links hack. The links are gone and the addition of a link is impossible. Looks like this will be a rehack each time the software is upgraded, however, I can't verify if the links/banners still exist yet.


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                            Um actually Rob assuming you have to make changes to any PHP files for this hack they will be overwritten every time. Surely you've been around here long enough you know that. Just reedit the PHP files and you should be fine.

                            Assuming the links are stored in the database, yes they still exist. The upgrade doesn't delete anything from the database that vB didn't originally create itself.


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                              Yeah I know.....and I did something I know I shouldn't....but did it anyway...I did back up my files, so I need re-hacking will be a little harder than it should be. Lesson learned.

                              Reminds me of when my hard drive crashed a year ago and I hadn't backed anything up when I knew I should have.


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                                Just go and upload the file install_vblinks.php to the admin dir. Run that. Make the necessary change in the admin/index.php file to reflect the CP changes.

                                It will keep your links and banners. It will add the "StarTrek" Default banner link in there. You can delete or leave that in there, whichever you see fit.

                                It is real simple. Took a matter of 1 minute to do the whole thing. If you have any questions you can email me ot IM me. You have my email address


                                LunaticSS <>


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