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Netscape problem and problems logging out.

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  • Netscape problem and problems logging out.

    Hello. I'm having netscape problems. When people visit my forum on, netscape crashes.

    However, I am unable to reproduce this error but enough people have complained to make me take note.

    Also, some members are unable to log out of the forum.
    Is this a cookie problem? If so, what must they do to clear cookies?

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    A crashing browser is far more likely to be caused by a troublesome Javascript than anything that PHP or mySQL would do...

    I'd take a look at your code, but I can't view the source of the page... which could actually be your problem, as Netscape is very fussy about that sort of thing.


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      Okay I'll check.

      By the way, the error I got was:

      NETSCAPE.EXE caused fault #c0000005 in NETSCAPE.EXE at address 0177:005f2de5

      To date, CrashGuard has recorded 21 fatal error(s) in this program.

      Reported By:
      CrashGuard v3.03

      Report Date:
      03/31/2001 8:34:47 PM

      (10/19/98 21:14 - 5485168)

      EAX=00000000 CS=0177
      EIP=005f2de5 EFLGS=00010246
      EBX=00d45ac0 SS=017f
      ESP=00b3f778 EBP=00b3f790
      ECX=00d45ab0 DS=017f
      ESI=00d45480 FS=54c7
      EDX=00d45480 ES=017f
      EDI=00d45480 GS=0000

      Bytes at CS:EIP:
      ff 40 50 c3 55 8b ec 83 ec 04 53 56 57 8b 75 10

      Stack dump:
      0044e1a6 00000000 00d45ac0 00d45480 00000000 780012b1 00b3f7e0 0044fbca 00cfd670 00d45ac0 00d10990 00000001 00d44cb0 00000000 00d109b0 00000000


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        OH KIER! you are a developer now?! ooh the possibilities.

        can you plz fix the login probs my users have when they try to post or set a poll.


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