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Corrupted Avatars/Attachments (Collation Issue?)

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  • Corrupted Avatars/Attachments (Collation Issue?)

    Hello Everyone,

    I was runnig MySQL v3.23 previously, and my db dumps worked fine .. However, I have since upgraded to v4.1.8a-log and I am having problems getting avatars/attachments backed up correctly.. in v3.23, there was no "Collation" fields, but in the v4.18 that I am running, there is a "Collation" field for all the tables/databases, which is currently at latin1_swedish_ci -- Should this maybe be something different on my master database and/or tables??

    My Original Backup of the DB using 3.23 was 208MB --- When I upgraded to 4.18 the backup is only 138MB ... My users Avatar's, all attachments, etc are totally whacked out. Does anyone have any insight on what is causing this, and how to fix it? Any help is appreciated.. I need a new good backup desperately.. Here is some more info:

    My customavatar table on my online database (not an import, but an upgrade from v3.23) shows a file size of 101048 -- The same table on my 'testing' database (which was dumped using my live database, shows the same size).. I believe that it has something to do w/ collation, but not entirely sure??? If so, anyone know exactly what tables in all of the vb db's that need to be changed??
    This is a backup from v4.18:

    This is supposed to be the actual avatar:

    The command I had typed to backup my DB is as suggested in the Support Documentations on this site.

    mysqldump --opt -Q -u <user> -p 3avBu > /backup/forumbackup-01-03-2005.sql

    ./mysqldump Ver 10.9 Distrib 4.1.8a, for redhat-linux-gnu (i686)

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    I have heard of other problems with MySQL 4.18 backups and restores. I believe this is a MySQL issue. You mmight want to check there site for any info on this:
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      rodin, I had the same problem, did you ever find a resolution?


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