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  • kevin,

    That didnt work either? I called my hosting tech support. They figured it out. They told me they modified the php.ini in the /etc dir and they needed to ad the include path or something like that. Whatever they did they got it working....Yippie!!!

    Anyway, this is a great hack! I really appreciate your assistance Kevin! Thanks again!


    • Originally posted by tubedogg
      Eva: Sorry I missed that the first time around. In last10.php add
      $boarddown1 = mysql_query("SELECT value FROM setting WHERE varname='bbactive'");
      $boarddown = mysql_result($boarddown1,0,0);
      if ($boarddown == "0") { echo("Sorry the forums are down for maintenance"); exit; }
      Put that right after
      mysql_select_db($dbname) or die("Can't select database");
      heynurse: aren't by any chance on a Windows server are you?
      thanks kevin that worked, can i borrow you over in this thread too i tried doing the same in that online.php code but it didn't work
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      • eva, heynurse: glad you both got them working.

        xdam: There's no reason it should be doing that. Is everything else about it working?


        • Yea, everything else works perfect, i have edited alot though maybe i screwed the code somewhere? Have you tried to take the max characters over 120 in your script?

          * now sorted, the problem was i removed the <nobr> tags *
          Last edited by xdam; Fri 22 Jun '01, 3:25am.
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          • I just tried it out with max chars set to 300 and it worked fine...


            • ok thanks for testing, another thing you code help me off if your willing to is that i want to display the posts as news, i've kinda converted this script into a news script, take a look at:


              I have displayed it as news, now my problem is that whenever someone replies the 'news article' jumps to the top and there replie appears is there anyway i can make it so the script only see's new topics?

              excellent script btw, just what the doctor prescribed
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              • You mean so it only shows threads with no replies? Sure - just change this
                $query = "SELECT thread.lastpost,thread.title,thread.lastposter,thread.replycount,thread.views,user.userid,thread.threadid,thread.forumid$fsel,thread.iconid FROM thread,user$ftitle $wheresql ORDER BY thread.$ob $obdir LIMIT $maxthreads";
                to this
                $query = "SELECT thread.lastpost,thread.title,thread.lastposter,thread.replycount,thread.views,user.userid,thread.threadid,thread.forumid$fsel,thread.iconid FROM thread,user$ftitle $wheresql AND thread.replycount=0 ORDER BY thread.$ob $obdir LIMIT $maxthreads";



                  didn't work
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                  • it's gone abit weird now a news article was posted and its gone into 7 articles (and this is without your code change)
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                    • Strange error with font and $tw variable...

                      First of all, I just want to say thanks to tubedogg for this great hack. I am very new to most of this, but I am starting to learn a lot. Thanks!

                      Now for my error...

                      I downloaded file today and started playing with it.

                      Everything works great, but if I leave the $tw variable blank ("") the font style and size in the resulting table is exactly what I have specified in the $f and $fs variable. If I change the $tw variable to either a pixel number or a percentage, the font in the resulting table is the default font style and size of my browser and doesn't hold the $f and $fs variable information at all. Everything else (colors, etc.) is just fine. This happens when implementing this hack using an PHP-parsed page and server-parsed page.

                      [EDIT-I just noticed that this only happens when using Netscape 4.77. When viewed in IE it looks fine.]

                      Any clues? If this is just a strange way that Netscape shows the file, should I just override the $f and $fs variable in the last10.php file? If so, what code do I change?

                      I scanned through this entire thread looking for an answer to this problem, but didn't find an answer but it is a pretty big thread so please forgive me if the answer is indeed in here somewhere and I missed it.

                      Thanks in advance!!

                      Last edited by jdebler; Sat 23 Jun '01, 5:41pm.


                      • Tubedogg,

                        (I won't start by saying: 'thanks for this great hack'.....

                        Just to let you know that I discovered a little 'issue' in the output of the text in the tables.
                        The following thing happens:

                        - If a user uses the character ["] in the subjectline, for example :

                        Tips van beginnende "gebruikers", (it's Dutch btw) then the output in the last_post hack is:

                        Tips van beginnende &quo...

                        Well...a picture says more than......:

                        I hope that this remark will be helpfull to you, to improve this hack more and more.

                        (So I will END by saying: 'thanks for this great hack'.....

                        Last edited by Grover; Sat 18 Aug '07, 9:00am.
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                        • Jason- I'm having that problem too, and only in Netscape. The pages look GREAT in IE 5, but downright frightening in Netscape. I even upgraded my Netscape browser (I never use it, hate that program!) to see if that would fix it, but it didn't. The tables look all strange and don't go all the way across, plus the fonts are messed up. They will look fine in one post and messed up on the next. Really weird! I wonder if Netscape doesn't like the style settings in the table tags? Not sure!


                          • Originally posted by TigerLily
                            Really weird! I wonder if Netscape doesn't like the style settings in the table tags? Not sure!
                            Well, Netscape likes the style settings until you specify a width of the table. This is what is confusing to me.

                            Also, I notice that when I load the page in either Netscape or IE, it takes about 10 seconds to load the table with the information, but loading just the forum itself is lightning quick. Does it have to first parse it in the forum, and then does the hack have to parse it again?

                            I am not criticizing the hack in any way because I think it is very cool, but like I said earlier, I am just learning this stuff and would like to know why things work the way they do. Troubleshooting is one of the best ways to learn something, I think.



                            • xdam: Using this hack as a news script! Great idea, thanks man, I'll do the same thing.

                              tubedogg: As I told before, I'll use this wonderful hack as a news script. I don't know anything about php so I'll beg for a few customizations:
                              1)*Please answer this one, it's the most important one* How can I sort order of the list by "date posted" ?
                              2) This is not so important but I'll appreciate if you can answer. How can I display different messages by the number of replies? Like "Go Reply" if there are no replies, "1 Reply" if there is 1, "X Replies" if there are more ... I think you get the idea.
                              3) This is also not important. Don't answer if you don't have time. Is there any way to display the date once for the threads that are opened at the same day? Like:
                              26 June 2001
                              Thread 1
                              Thread 2
                              27 June 2001
                              Thread 1 ...

                              Thanks for the great hack!
                              Last edited by DoST; Mon 25 Jun '01, 2:34pm.


                              • Great hack... Finally got it working on my IIS homepage at . Darn all you Unix guys.

                                Thanks for the awesome hack!!


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