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[RE-RELEASE vB2.0] signature-editor with preview

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  • [RE-RELEASE vB2.0] signature-editor with preview

    This is just a re-release of a hack by AA. He made this hack for vB 1.x and I made some small changes to make it work with vb 2.x

    It adds a signature-editor with preview ability to your vB.

    It's very simple. You just have to create a new template (_editsignature) and copy sedit.php to your vB directory. Then add a link to sedit.php in the modifyprofile template. Done.

    Install instructions are included.


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    Sounds great, thanks


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      not bad. good job
      - MrLister


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        Does this work for vb2.0.1?

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          It should.


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            Here goes. I never had been using my signature before. I added it to my profile earlier today. After I did that I installed your hack. Program came up loaded when I clickd on it but it did not show the signature that I had in my profile I even tried tp preview it, Everything worked fine except it would not show me the signature.

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              Working! I had to change the number of lines from 4 to 10 in the sedit.php file.

              Thanks For A Great Hack
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                Hi Ho
                Fryzid Echt Spitze Hack... der von AA (für 1.**) hatte bei mir nie richtig geklappt Der jetzt schon. Super.


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                  One question and it works great. This morning I tried something. I registered as a new user on my board. When setting up options for the new user your signature editor does not show up. Afterwards though when you sign into the board and look at your profile you can use the editor. So somehow I think it needs to be added to the register.php file.
                  any idea's
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                    You need to put the link to the editor into the registeradult and registercoppa templates.

                    But the problem so far is that there is no user entry in the database where the signature can be stored. So the editor will not work in these templates.

                    The signature editor was intended to help building and viewing the signature. You want something like controlling the signature.
                    This needs far more hacking and should be integrated into the vB php files.

                    I would suggest controlling the signature exclusive via the editor. Delete the signature input fields from all templates and just offer the link to the editor. In the above mentioned register templates you can say that the signature is definable later in the user cp.


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                      I agree so you are saying leave what I have just add a comment in the register template that entitles the new user to edit his signature in the their profile after they register.

                      That will work


                      Thanks For Time and For the hack
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                        ... now with vB Code Editor

                        Also erstmal @Fryzid: ein grosses super-cool-*freu*-genial wegen
                        Deiner deutschen Style-Datei inkl. deutsche Grafiken

                        Changes for vB Code Editor in Signature Editor:

                        change content of template _editsignature.txt:
                        replace with content of attached file

                        edit sedit.php
                        PHP Code:
                        replace with:
                        PHP Code:



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                          excellent addition

                          thank you very much!

                          KALLISTI - currently
                          under extreme construction



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                            See Post Below This one for better update

                            FIX: For all of those using Bad_Madman's addition.

                            At the top of sedit.php after
                            Add this:

                              if ($bbuserinfo[showvbcode])
                                $vbcode_buttons = getcodebuttons();
                            You might also need to change reference to the 'sedit' script in Bad_Madman's new template to .php from .php3

                            This is just a heads up
                            Last edited by VirtueTech; Sun 29 Jul '01, 12:09am.
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                              HACK UPDATE:
                              I have updated this hack a bit with my fix above and some other additions as you'll see below. Credit goes to AA and Fryzid.

                              1. Adds new 'navbar' to header
                              2. Adds Control Panel navbar to header
                              3. Adds smilies window to signature editor
                              4. Centralized Signature Limit Variable at top of script as an option.
                              5. Ability to allow "Administrators" to have different siganture length.
                              6. Fixes Bad_Madman's vbcode additon
                              7. Cleans up HTML a bit


                              The attached file contains the following new items:
                              - '_editsignature' template
                              - sedit.php

                              Upgrading: Just replace the old template and php script with the new ones
                              First Time Install: Read the modified install.txt

                              07/29/01 6:19AM EST - First attachment had bad files. Please re-download.
                              Last edited by VirtueTech; Sun 29 Jul '01, 2:31am.
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