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[Release v2 beta 3] Who's online on non-vB page (with usernames)

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  • [Release v2 beta 3] Who's online on non-vB page (with usernames)

    LAST UPDATED: 3.24.01 10:40 PM Eastern

    Hack version: 0.0.2

    Changes since last version: New option to display either usernames or a total number of registered members.

    For version: 2.0.0 beta 3 (possibly beta 1 and beta 2 also, but it's untested on those versions).

    Files needed: online.php (see zip file attached below).

    Files to edit: Possibly online.php (see instructions below).

    Possible file locations: Anywhere, as long as the relative path to config.php is correct (see instructions below).

    1] Download the zip file below. It has online.php in it; unzip this file to a location on your hard drive.
    2] Open online.php in Notepad (Windows) or Simpletext (Mac) or another ASCII text editor (EditPlus, UltraEdit, TextPad, etc. Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and other HTML editors are not ASCII text editors and will in all likelyhood screw the file up.)
    3] Check the path to config.php in the $path variable (in the CONFIG section). Figure out where you're gonna put the file online.php, and then edit the path accordingly. For example, if you put it in your document root (e.g. and your board files are in a directory called forum, your path is "forum/admin" (no quotes, no trailing slash).
    4] If you want usernames of registered members displayed, then leave the $usernames option alone. If you want a number instead of a list of names, set this to "off" (no quotes).
    5] Edit the second-to-last line (the "echo" line). Change it to say what you want. The list of registered members is $regmemberson and the number of guests is $guestson - you can use these anywhere in that line.
    6] Save the file and upload it your server.
    7] You can include it on another page one of two basic ways:
    First, by a PHP include:
    <? include("online.php"); ?>
    The file that you are going to be including online.php in must then have a .php, .php3, .phtml or other extension that makes your web server recognize it as a file to be parsed as PHP.
    Secondly, by an SSI include:
    <!--#include file="online.php"-->
    The file that you are going to be including online.php in must then have a .shtml, .shtm or other extension that makes your web server recognize it as a file to be server-parsed.

    Instructions are also included in the zip file (online002.txt) and brief notes are in the online.php file itself.

    FEEDBACK WANTED! Likes/dislikes/modification requests all gladly accepted!
    Last edited by tubedogg; Sun 25 Mar '01, 11:37pm.

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    your the man dude

    this is pop and just what i was looking for


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      hey thanx ure gr8! now time for bdays to work


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        Okay sorry for asking this, I am not that knowledgeable when it comes to things like this...

        Okay... I have working and everything. Now how can I integrate that into on the main page so it shows that? If it helps, I am using Front Page 2000 to edit the site...

        Thanks in advance!


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          You must "include" it as described in the instructions above. I would *not* use FrontPage to do it as it will probably screw up the code. Open your page in notepad, find where you want to include it, and put the code in that way. Your page must have an extension of .php or .shtml for it to work, and depending on the extension depends on how you include it.


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            Great hack! It's the first one I have seen that does not require visitors to visit the forum first before they can see the "online" usercount.

            I am trying to change the above hack so instad of showing the usernames of the "Members" it will only show a count of the members online (like the "Guests" count for this hack).

            I am trying to figure out where VB get's the $numberregistered variable from but cannot find it in any of the php files.

            Any hints?


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              vB gets the $numberregistered from index.php.

              <snipped info about how to change hack - see EDIT below>

              EDIT: I revised the hack (updated to version 0.0.2) to allow you to choose whether to show usernames or a number, so the code that was in this post is now standard-issue. See the first post in this thread.
              Last edited by tubedogg; Sat 24 Mar '01, 7:58pm.


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                Nice job tubedogg. I implemented this hack on to my homepage and will be updating it to the new release from yesterday. Thanks.


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                  Wiil update it on


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                    I am trying to use your online script thru a template. But the template doesn't seem to pickup the variables from the page. How do I make the template see the variables?
                    Robert Ward


                    • #11
                      I seem to be getting "oops1"... what is that, and how do I fix it?


                      • #12
                        It can't complete the first query for some reason.

                        Try replacing
                        $db=mysql_connect($servername,$dbusername,$dbpassword) or die("can't connect");
                        mysql_select_db($dbname) or die("can't get db");
                        and tell me if you still get the same error or a different error.


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                          Yes.. I'm still getting the same error message.. "oops1".


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                            I'm also not running on VB 2.. but, it should work, shouldn't it?


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                              You must be running vB2 of some variety (beta 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, or RC1, 2, or 3). It will not work with v1.1.x. Sorry.


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